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The smaller leaves have a more delicate, floral flavor than oregano. Know it: Pointy, jagged mint leaves can range from intense and mentholy to light and lemony sweet. Common varieties are peppermint cooling; think mint ice cream and spearmint light and sweet; iced tea's best friend. Use it: Muddle mint into cocktails, like mojitos and gin and tonics, or steep in hot water to make a fresh tea.

Mint also brightens up meat sauces, roasted lamb, rice dishes or meaty veggies like eggplant. Or sprinkle into salads to add a refreshing, bright note.

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Know it: Oregano's round leaves have a pinelike aroma and an assertive bite. Use it: Simmer it with white beans, toss it into salads, or stir it into pizza sauce. Know it: Flat-leaf parsley is bright and vivid with a slight pepperiness.

Top 10 Best Medicinal Herbs - For Health & Vitality

Choose it over curly parsley, which is harder to chop and less flavorful. Use it: Mix it with roasted veggies, like potatoes or butternut squash, add to homemade pizza dough or shortbread cookies, or use it to flavor EVOO.

12 cooking herbs every cook should know about – Alex

It's also great with grilled meats. Use it: Add it to brown butter and toss it with pasta or vegetables, or pan-fry the leaves until crispy, then crumble onto risotto or soup. Sage is excellent with pork, great paired with lemon and chicken, and classic in stuffing. Know it: Think of this as the fresh herb version of licorice. Its long, thin leaves have a bittersweet anise taste with an uplifting hint of mint. Use it: Pair it with creamy, rich dishes like chowders and hollandaise sauce , eggs, veggies like zucchini and cherry tomatoes, and seafood.

Know it: These tiny leaves have a slightly spicy, clovelike flavor with a hint of citrus- peel aroma. Use it: Thyme is a great match for almost any cooked vegetable. Sprinkle it on meats before roasting, or add whole sprigs to soups. Know Your Herbs and Spices. Whip Up the Perfect Salad Dressing. Stock Up on Three Types of Salt.

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Recipe Roundup. What's New. Food News. Perhaps you like a sip of herbal tea and want to grow your own organic herbs especially for your brew? Or maybe you want to start creating your own beauty products, using only natural ingredients? Rosemary is another extremely versatile herbs, doing just as well in cooking, medicines and beauty products and as an ornamental garden plant.

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Easy to grow from cuttings, Rosemary will do well in dry soils as well as in pots and can be clipped to create attractive, quick growing topiary displays. Basil provides the base for many delicious spreads and sauces and has raised in popularity as a home garden herb. It can be grown inside on a sunny windowsill though and if planted outside around your tomatoes it will repel insects.

This curly leafed herb is well known for it medicinal values and as a source of vitamins. It can help with bad breath, and stomach complaints and makes a lovely garnish sprinkled over a dish.

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Parsley should be grown in well drained soil, and be watered regularly. Both the leaves and seeds of this herb are used in cooking, particularly in Indian and Middle Eastern food. It has also been used as an insect repellent for plants and people and as a digestive aid. Does well grown in well drained soil in a partially sunny, frost free location.

Often used in stocks, stews and stuffing Thyme is the perfect ingredient to grow in your garden. Thyme is frost tolerant and grows best in free draining soil in a warm space in your garden. Chives are a delicious addition to so many dishes and can be a great subsitute for Onions in salads if you prefer a lighter, milder taste. Sage grows best in a warm, dry spot and will do well in post. Keep it compact by pruning it back after it has flowered. This also encourages new, soft shoots that have even more flavour.

If you love to cook asian food, then you definitely want to grow Lemon Grass in your edible garden. Can also help with stomach issues, and depression, and has wonderful antiseptic and antibacterial qualities. Lemon Grass likes a warm, moist soil and prefers to be protected from the winds. Also grows well in containers.

Marjoram is a favourite for many cooks, lending itself to Italian and Spanish cooking, as well as bouquet garnis. It has been known to help with nausea, and will also remedy colds. Marjoram likes a warm, sunny and well drained spot and will grow well in containers. Start with one or two of these herbs and then expand your collection as you master the growing of each one.

10 Essential Spices That Every Cook Should Have

Share in the comments below which herb is a must have for your garden and why. Picture attribution: A number of images provided by Hans. Fill in your name and address in the form below and you'll receive all the latest updates directly in your in-box.

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