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Theseus's calming, powerful presence in the tale represents authority overcoming the forces of chaos. It reveals this tale's origins in the aristocratic genre of courtly romance, which portrays the aristocracy as a force for good in an otherwise dark, crazy, and scary world. Everybody knows that you should never, ever in a million years date your BFF's crush. No matter what.

Well, maybe. On the other hand, there are those that claim that "love is a gretter lawe" than any other code of conduct, that true love trumps all obligations you might have to the other people in your life. This is the excuse that Arcite uses in "The Knight's Tale" when he breaks his oath of sworn brotherhood to Palamon in order to become his rival for the love of Emily.

Which just goes to show that this kind of situation's been going on for a long time now and isn't likely to stop occurring any time soon. So what's a BFF to do? Well, if you're an ancient Greek knight, you can fight it out in a joust and just pray that a freak earthquake doesn't knock you off your horse. Unfortunately, not many of us are ancient Greek knights, which means that we have to solve this conflict without horses, spears, and armor.

We've got to either suck it up and hang on to our friendship, or say goodbye to the friendship for good in order to date the guy or girl of our dreams. Of course, we could also hope against hope that our friend will find it in their heart to forgive us and declare "non so worthy to ben loved" as us, as Arcite does for Palamon on his deathbed Yeah, we don't think that last one's too likely either.

So, like Arcite and Palamon, you're going to have to make a choice between the BFF and the love of your life. And if you need help understanding the possible consequences of your choice, you need only turn to "The Knight's Tale" for guidance. All rights reserved. Cite This Page. Logging out…. Logging out You've been inactive for a while, logging you out in a few seconds I'm Still Here! Almost 4 month in Prague with good friends and artists running our little but really busy… " ".

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Don't worry, we'll introduce… " ". Retrieved August 14, Retrieved February 10, Rotten Tomatoes. Retrieved December 16, CBS Interactive. Retrieved January 8, Archived from the original on March 15, Retrieved March 15, History original programming. The Commanders. Christianity portal Catholicism portal History portal Television portal. Categories : s American drama television series American television series debuts American action television series American adventure television series Costume drama television series Czech television series English-language television programs History U.

TV channel original programs Period television series Serial drama television series Television series set in the Middle Ages Knights Templar in popular culture. Hidden categories: CS1 Croatian-language sources hr CS1 Czech-language sources cs Pages using infobox television with editor parameter Official website different in Wikidata and Wikipedia.

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By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Historical fiction. Don Handfield Richard Rayner. Prague, Czech Republic Dubrovnik, Croatia. Douglas Mackinnon. While in the Holy Land in the midst of a 43 day siege during the Battle of Acre of , Templar knight Brother Landry is thrown into a fight with the Sultan of the Mamluks , along with protecting the Holy Grail.

Fifteen years later, while stationed in Paris , Landry, now a battle-worn warrior of the Holy Wars , fears that the Order has lost its purpose. However, when the blood of Master Godfrey is shed, it forces Landry and his brothers to take up arms again and try to get the Grail back. Pope Boniface arrives in Paris to learn of the grail's whereabouts and make Landry Master of the Temple. Later, Landry and Parsifal seek vengeance on Roland, the highwaymen's leader, who killed Godfrey and Marie, Parsifal's fiancee, after the farmer came to the Templar master's aid. David Petrarca.

Dominic Minghella. After finding a clue of a coat of arms, Landry and Tancrede investigate the Holy Grail's whereabouts. Their journey leads them to Godfrey's childhood home where they discover his origin as Marcel, the youngest son of Baron de Caux. The story told by his older brother Raymond is cut short from an attack by Saracen assassins.

Parsifal starts training to become a Templar, but he must first learn to be a monk. When a Saracen prisoner is killed in cold blood inside the temple, Gwaine conducts an inquiry into the man's murder. In order to learn about the victim's symbol, Landry seeks out Jonas of the Ardennes, a pagan who helps him remember his childhood meeting with Malraux, a Cathar from the Brotherhood of Light. Joan is with Landry's child and has to cover it up with Philip. While personally protecting Queen Joan, Landry learns she is with his child. Gwaine and Parsifal investigate the Earl's personal effects and find Greek Fire , a deadly substance used by a Mongol mercenary alchemist Tencrede knew.

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But it seems De Nogaret is behind a massive cover-up. After an enduring torture from the Saracens of the Brotherhood of Light, Landry returns to the temple in chains and shackles. The Saracens have agreed to give up the instructions of the scroll left by Godfrey for Landry, leading him to The Grail, under the condition of him giving up one of his Templar brothers, Tancrede.

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In the Royal Palace, soon after he is knighted, De Nogaret's plan is revealed by Isabella and he faces the death penalty for treason, but he is rescued by an ally. On a clue from the Brotherhood of Light, Landry, along with Gwaine, go to where he first met Godfrey; an orphanage. They meet a mysterious woman who leads them to The Grail. Queen Joan learns of an attack on her birth home, Navarre by her cousin, Queen Elena. After hearing about Joan's pregnancy, De Nogaret, now a commoner in hiding, deduces who the father is and plans to inform King Philip.

Parsifal gets his vengeance on Roland and discovers who he really works for.

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However, his estranged mother and the Saracen, Rashid root out the traitor, Pierre, who leads the pope's army into a siege against his former brothers. De Nogaret risks everything by telling King Philip about the queen's romance and the pope's plans. However, Molay already invited the pope to his commandry, along with Gwaine as a witness, and holds a trial there which finds Landry guilty of five of the Nine Great Crimes and is to be excommunicated. Back from Navarre, Queen Joan plots her escape from King Philip who has plans on what to do with her instead. Pope Boniface becomes aware of this news and instructs Landry to lead his Knights Templar back to Paris to recover it.

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  • However, King Philip, being advised by De Nogaret, sends mercenaries to intercept and kill them on their way back. They plan to do this in secrecy on the outside of the city, so that they might give the Templars a grand Christian funeral in Paris to further mask their involvement. In the forest, as mercenaries, commanded by Gawain surround Landry, Joan begs for his life angering Philip, who stabs her with his sword. Joan is laid to rest with the Templars who perished in the battle with the king's mercenaries.