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Beyond Our Solar System News

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Life beyond our universe

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Podcast video : Download Duration: — We have a long way to go to find the answers. In other words, finding the cause of the distortion in the Cosmic Microwave Background Radiation arrears to me to be so difficult, that it will not be found in my lifetime. I love this topic. Yes it is a multi-verse.

5 Theories & Predictions on What Lies Outside The Observable Universe

In fact, an infinite multiverse. The individual universes emerge from the infinite stuff that surrounds them. Namely densely packed photons of all wavelengths and energies. Essentially the same stuff of black holes.

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This medium? Densely packed photons, hnu, or energy The same stuff that not only makes up everything in our universe all particles can eventually be reduced to their photons , but that which exists at the boundary of our cavitary bubble, and beyond, being responsible for the gravitational field into which everything is subsequently being drawn calculate the resultant gravitational vectors inside of a hollow sphere in a large cube of very dense material. From electron positron interactions we know that only 2 kev photons result.

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  2. Beyond Our Solar System.
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  5. What Lies Beyond the Edge of the Observable Universe??
  6. No particles. Electrons and positrons have mass and from the formula for conversion of mass and energy, Ta Da! Imagine, packing electrons as tight as one may, actually touching one another, into a 10cc cube. Summing their gravitational components from their masses using the gravitational equation we would arrive at some number for this 10cc cube.

    What we end up with would be the same amount of gravitational content in a volume significantly smaller infinitely smaller? Conversely, if we created a 10cc cube of this condensed electron constituent, we might even call it a baby black hole with all of the gravitational attributes of something so dense and concentrated.

    At some point in time the cavitary bubble will cease to expand and will then contract could be happening now…. The complete collapse of the cavitary bubble with our continued acceleration towards the margins will eventually result in the consumption and ultimate reduction of all matter back into their constituent photons and dissipation of the bubble probably back into another high energy state singularity as the margins crash into one another that requires resolution into a lower energy state via another cavitary, shock wave explosion.

    So we live in a kind of baked bread multi-verse with all of the holes in the baked dough representing the many universes and the dough representing the stuff that lies between them all densely packed photons from which everything is made. Those several paragraphs succinctly explained a very complex and varied topic into a neat consistent picture of how the more obscure aspects of matter work. I especially liked the bread analogy. So, as matter is consumed, whether into photos at black holes, or via fusion or fission in solar bodies, etc.

    But this heat energy must have come from something, so would photon decay be the source of this energy?

    Ask Ethan: What Does The Edge Of The Universe Look Like?

    Also, where does this heat go at the peripheries? It would seem that what you laid out, along with considerations for the source of heat energy, at least explains the many anomalies that have been observed. Of course, how to prove it? So an answer is not really given.

    What's Outside the Universe? - Universe Today

    It would be that part of our Universe that is speeding off faster than the speed of light. Still, what is beyond that?

    If so, is it the same kind of nothing that exists between galaxies, stars, planets and moons?