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You're in for a fun, rewarding experience. Whether you're new to the sport and looking for some guidanceor you're a seasoned coach hunting for some fresh tips,Coaching Basketball For Dummies will help you command thecourt with confidence. Each friendly chapter is packed with expert advice on teachingthe basics of basketball--from dribbling and shooting torebounding and defending--and guiding your kids to afun-filled, stress-free season.

Coaching Youth Basketball

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  • Coach's Guide: Warming Up;
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Basketball Coaching - Basketball coaching tips and youth basketball drills and more.

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Table of contents Introduction. Chapter 1: Teaching Basketball to Children. Chapter 2: Preparing for a Successful Season.

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Chapter 3: Covering the Basketball Basics. Chapter 4: Getting to Know the Parents.

Coach's Guide: Teaching the Fundamentals of the Game

Chapter 5: Evaluating Your Team. Chapter 6: Running a Great Practice.

Chapter 7: Game Day. Chapter 8: Refining Your Coaching Strategies. Chapter 9: Teaching the Offensive Fundamentals.

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Chapter Teaching the Defensive Fundamentals. Chapter Fundamental Drills for Beginners. Chapter Coaching Offense Chapter Coaching Defense