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Apollonius of Rhodes

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Apollonius of Rhodes

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Lardinois trans. A New Translation of the Complete Works. The tone is sharp and piercing. The epithet is usually used for arms, battles, ill nesses and pain. It is probable that their meaning is that the sound is so shrill that it lacks musicality. In tragedy, weeping and crying become song, sung poetry. The most important tragic heroine to function as a model is Sophocles Electra.

Her goos is in metrum and it dem onstrates the conjunction of the natural sound of the female voice with me tre and music. The aulos intensifies the mourning tone of the voice, strength ens the sentimentalism and the emotions that overwhelm the performance. This gains importance when it is taken into consideration that the actors in the tragedy were men acting for a male audience. The education of the emo tions was very important.

Based on the above, another interpretation of the connection of mourn ing women with birds and especially with the nightingale is possible. The voice of the nightingale conveys this aspect of goos very accurately, the musi. Carson 6. Sultan ; Segal Adrastus refers to funeral rites and to the citys mourning for Alcestis death. At the end he notes that for a whole year, the sound of the aulos and of the lyre will be forbidden in the city.

So, even the mourning sound of the aulos as a sign of deep grief for his wifes death is forbidden. It follows that in deep grief there is no accompaniment of the aulos in the rites that take place in public.

Bryn Mawr Classical Review:

To sum up, one tends to believe that goos and threnos in the performance of tragedy is accompanied by the aulos. In the archaic period, according to depictions on vases of this era, the aulos accompanied goos and threnos dur ing prothesis and ekphora. After Solons restrictions, goos was not performed during ekphora, but we can assume that it was performed in the prothesis in side the house, perhaps to the accompaniment of the aulos. Depictions of lyres on lekythoi do not refer to goos but are probably connected with other topics, such as Damons music theory or beliefs about the afterlife.

More over, the usual characterization of goos as denotes the absence of joy, dance and any stringed instrument, that symbolizes joy.

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The aulos with its shrill tone is the chief musical accompaniment of the goos, due to its barbaric origins and to its connection with grief. Alexiou, M. Allan, W. Euripides: Helen. Arrowsmith, W. Euripides Alcestis.

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