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The legends of Ga'Hoole help them to survive, and they are able to escape to find their families and warn the world about the dangers of St. While the owls have human characteristics, such as Soren's determination and Gylfie's creative ideas, their actions and culture reflect Lasky's research into owl behaviors and species. The story's fast pace, menacing bad guys, and flashes of humor make this a good choice for reluctant readers, while the underlying message about the power of legends provides a unifying element and gives strong appeal for fantasy fans.

Booklist September 15, ; Gr. Soren, a barn owl still weeks away from fledging, is knocked from his otherwise loving family's nest by his nasty older brother. He is swooped up from the forest floor by a pair of nefarious owls who hold him--along with many other owlets of diverse species--captive in a kind of owl social reformatory. Lasky portrays an owl world that has more in common with George Orwell than with Brianacques, offering readers big questions about human social psychology and politics along with real owl science. Broad themes related to the nature of personal choice, the need for fellowship based on love and trust, and sharing knowledge with one's peers are presented compellingly and with swift grafting to the animal adventure story.

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Developmentally linked celebrations such as First Fur and First Meat , methods devised for brain-washing including the regimental marching of sleepy owls by moonlight , and the diverse landscapes in which owls makes their homes come to life here as Soren rebels against his captors, makes a friend, and executes the first stage of his planned liberation and family reconciliation. Readers will look forward to upcoming installments.

About Kathryn Lasky Kathryn Lasky is the Newbery Honor-winning author of over one hundred books for children and young adults. She lives with her husband in Cambridge, MA.

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Rating details. Our customer reviews I read The Capture just about last week, and though I'm far on my twenties, I must say I really enjoyed it so much that I'm already purchasing the other books of the series.

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It's a story about kingdoms of owls and enemies of those kingdoms. It's a story about owlets who go from powerless children to strong adults. It has exciting moments and times when you wish to cry, it talks about family love and group behaviour, about working hard and working together.

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It's a very good book for children, as I could attest with my 4yo cousin, even though it's a tad manichean as in - good guys and bad guys are easy to spot and are indeed good and bad. All in all, it was a great read, specially for children and youths.

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With his wings slowly getting stronger, Lyze and his da go to Hock, which is on the edge of Stormfast Island. There, they meet Hoke of Hock and his sister, Hellie , then return to Stormfast to find that Ulfa had laid an egg. A short while later, Lyze and Moss are about to finally make their flight to Dark Fowl Island when Lyze senses something wrong, and decides it is not the proper night to go. This is due to his natural sense for weather, and he had subconsciously sensed the Snurls, a violent type of wind that blew from the Shagdah Snurl. The next night came around, and with the calmer winds, Lyze and Moss take off with Rask and Moss's father, Arne.

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Along the way, the group stops by the Ice Dagger , where they find some ice harvesters under attack by hireclaws from the Ice Talons League, and one of the harvesters, Piet , is slain. The two fathers grab ice shards for weapons and rush into battle, leaving the two owlets with ice hooks in case they are attacked. After a while of waiting for the battle to end, Moss and Lyze are attacked by a Barn Owl with fire claws.

The owlets manage to fight him off, stalling him long enough for Arne and the ice harvesters to come in and deliver the finishing blow. The group, now with the ice harvesters, Aiyunne and Bela , make their way to a rocky beach on the lower part of the island to recover.

After mourning over the loss of Piet, Rask and Arne decide they need to immediately fly to Dark Fowl Island to warn General Andricus about the Ice Talons coming so far into their territory.

They hand the owlets off to an Elf Owl named Rolf to take them to Orf's forge while they meet with the general, but not before running into Hanja outside a grog tree, who sings a song about peace, much to Rask and Arne's disgust. They pass over a honing pit, where Kielian snakes, one such being Gragg , are sharpening blades and tools. At Orf's forge, the owlets are outfitted with liffen claws training claws , and the group returns home to Stormfast where their parents all rush back into battle soon after, with confirmation of the Ice Talons front moving closer. Lyze and Moss train often with their claws, and one day come across Thora in a nearby tree, who had run away from her home in the Firth of Canis to become a blacksmith on Dark Fowl and train under Orf.

She leads the two owlets to a secret forge, which belonged to a recently deceased Burrowing Owl that was secretly an arms trader on both sides of the war, and agrees to make their liffen claws into real battle claws.

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  8. When they returned to Lyze's hollow, Gilda , his family nest-maid snake, is angry with them for staying out so late, but comes around and agrees to let them have their secret about Thora's forge. A few days later, the egg that Ulfa had laid hatches, and Lysa is born. Shortly after she yarps her first pellet, Hanja makes a visit to the hollow, striking fear into Lyze and Gilda that something bad may happen.

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    Help us improve this page. About this item. Specifications Number of Pages: Description Bestselling author Kathryn Lasky takes flight once more with a new Guardians of Ga'Hoole novel - now in paperback! An owlet hatches out onto Stormfast Island and into a world torn by war. For one hundred years, his people have fought off enemy owls from the Ice Talons, but the tide has turned. An invasion is coming, one the Kielian League won't have the strength to resist.