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If there are no markings or signs telling you any different then keep in the left lane. Check your mirrors, approach carefully, looking to your right and ahead. Give way to the right as usual. Once you have an opportunity to your right, go and keep in the left hand lane keep in the left lane as a vehicle might be in the lane next to you. Once you're on the roundabout look out for vehicles approaching the roundabout as they sometimes stop too late and you might have to adjust your postion if it's safe.

Check your mirrors especially the left-hand one and signal left after you've passed the exit before the one you want. Indicating left informs others that you are exiting. Many people fail their driving test for not keeping in lane. Make sure that you don't fail for this common mistake. Keep in the left-hand lane, unless signs or markings tell you otherwise. On our example roundabout top picture the middle lane would be used for overtaking if there is congestion. The road markings might indicate that the left-hand lane would be used for only turning left lower picture.

1.01. Introduction

Road markings can also show you road names, numbers and town names to help you choose the correct lane. Turn right, third exit.

On approach look out for any road markings or signs that might tell you which lane to move into. If there are no road markings then check mirrors, signal right and move into the right hand lane. Once you have an opportunity to your right, go and keep right there may be a vehicle in the lane next to you, so keep to the right.

Note: Turning right doesn't always mean that it will be the 3rd exit or more. On this sign you can see that going towards Shirley is to the right but it's the 2nd exit.

Steering clear of trouble

Here you would still need the right-hand lane and signal right on approach. Traffic light controlled roundabouts are a lot safer as they control the flow of traffic and there is no need to give-way to the right. It is still well worth checking to the right when you have a green traffic light as other drivers sometimes go through red lights when they shouldn't.

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Emergency vehicles also go through red lights so be careful. Sometimes the roundabout will have a combination of traffic lights and give-way lines to be aware of. If you have give-way lines then give-way to the right as normal. Contact us and one of our representatives will direct you to the authorized point of sale nearest you. Online: authorized dealers. All our dealers have demo units in stock. A complete qualification process is initiated before offering this service. Our vehicles are known worldwide.

Over the years we have developed an expertise in design, engineering and assembly of three-wheeled vehicles. All vehicles are equipped with an electronic immobilizer system but not an alarm system. The maintenance needed is very minimal. And they are made to be durable in every driving environment. But there is a maintenance schedule suggested. Your Campagna authorized dealer can perform all the work needed on your vehicle. Use dipped headlights. Only use fog lights when visibility is reduced to metres feet or less.

You must not use fog lights at any other time because they can dazzle other drivers. Many exterior mirrors have convex glass: this means it is slightly curved so it gives a wider field of vision. However, this also makes it harder for you to judge the speed and position of vehicles in the mirror. A car behind you will look smaller in a convex mirror so it could be closer to you than you think.

Make sure the driving seat is adjusted so you can use the pedals easily and comfortably.

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Only use cruise control if you can travel at a steady speed for a long period, eg on a clear motorway. Check your vehicle handbook for details on how to use cruise control. Most modern cars have five or six forward gears; older cars may have fewer gears. The way the gears are arranged on the gear lever varies from one car to another: make sure you know how the gears are arranged, including how to put the car into reverse, before you move off. Missing out gears — sometimes called selective changing or block changing — can give you more time to concentrate on the road and allows you to keep your hands on the steering wheel for longer.

Driving downhill, you can use a lower gear to increase the effect of engine braking and reduce the risk of overheating the brakes. If the parking brake fails, the engine should stop the wheels turning. This only applies to a car with manual gears.

How to Drive a Car In 5 Easy Routines Part 2 - Reversing & Junctions USA

Good use of the steering wheel is essential for keeping your vehicle under control. Grip the wheel firmly but not too tightly: you should be able to turn the wheel easily when the vehicle is moving. The steering lock is the angle through which the front wheels turn when you turn the steering wheel.

The further the wheels turn to the left or right, the smaller the turning circle of the vehicle. Usually smaller vehicles have a smaller turning circle than larger ones. Being able to manoeuvre your car accurately is an important part of driving: you never know when you might need to turn the car around, and you may have limited space in which to do it.

Skidding is caused by the driver trying to go too fast for the amount of grip the tyres have on the road. Check the vehicle handbook to find out how these will affect the risk of skidding. Change down the gears in plenty of time but be careful with the accelerator and clutch, particularly in very slippery conditions, because these can cause skids too.

For more information about the licence rules for towing with a car, see GOV.

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If you need to use a recovery service while towing, check whether it can recover a trailer or caravan. Use your vehicle handbook to check the maximum size and noseweight of trailer or caravan that your car can safely tow and how to attach a trailer or caravan to it. Take care to couple the caravan or trailer to your vehicle correctly, following the instructions in the vehicle handbook. Before you set off, check. Towing a trailer or caravan will create extra blind spots around your vehicle.

Make sure that you check carefully all around you before manoeuvring your vehicle. You may not be able to use your interior mirror so fit side mirrors with extended arms to help you see past the caravan or trailer. If you use your brakes too heavily, eg when going downhill, your vehicle may suffer brake fade — a loss of braking power caused by the brakes getting too hot. To help avoid brake fade.