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Other opportunities within the boomers market includes real estate, as many boomers may be selling their homes in exchange for condos or renovating their current homes for accessibility purposes.

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Of the , Canadians with a medical cannabis licence, two-thirds use the substance to treat arthritis. A survey by CAMH Monitor also found there has been a notable rise in cannabis use among those aged 50 and older.

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Two industries Norris thinks have been successful in identifying boomers as a viable market are the health and travel industry. Cosmetics and beauty are also successfully tapping into the senior market by showcasing older women as spokespeople, Norris said.

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Some examples include actresses Helen Mirren and Diane Keaton. The report poses the need for accessibility and making shopping and products more senior-friendly as the boomers and older seniors continue to age. Charlebois says grocery stores in rural Canada, where the population of seniors is higher, are making more noticeable changes such as seating options within the store for customers to take a rest. Some brands such as Gillette have already created products serving the rising number of caregivers.

Nearly one third of seniors are caregivers to an older relative or friend.

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Baby boomers are healthy and active with money to spend. Ellen Samek. On the day Soenksen left Leica, a former colleague invited him for coffee. Kevin Liang, a neuroscientist, explained to Soenksen that the brain is key to health, and so diseases that attack the brain offer a promising target for business and scientific innovators.

He also described his own experience growing up with grandparents who suffered from dementia. Soenksen was persuaded. Initially, the founders took the obvious route: Treat the patient.


They developed digital versions of cognitive therapies for delivery over tablets and tested them in a memory-care facility. The products worked so well that Soenksen filed for a patent.

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Outside a professional setting, the founders encountered family members who were overwhelmed and unprepared. The company's practical pivot toward caregivers accompanied an economics-driven pivot toward dementia patients with chronic conditions. A study of insurance claims revealed that Alzheimer's alone is not all that expensive, because there are few medications or tests. But costs mount fast for patients who also suffer from diabetes, cancer, or heart disease, or who are recovering from surgery.

Something will happen, and events go out of control. They have three times as many transfers among care facilities after leaving the hospital and experience far more falls and urinary tract infections, a huge medical cost. Ceresti offers a week program of videos, tutorials, and other tools delivered via a tablet.

Caregiving goes digital - and lets Boomers age in place

The interface is stripped down and intuitive. It's designed, says Soenksen, for a caretaker "who could be 85 years old and has never used a smartphone. Users respond via a basic messaging feature.

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