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Scholars supporting a date in this mid range can draw on the description in 2 Timothy of Timothy's Christian mother and grandmother who passed on their faith, as alluding to the original audience being third generation Christians. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Three books of the canonical New Testament. Matthew Mark Luke John. Pauline literature.

John Calvin’s Bible Commentaries On St. Paul’s Epistles To Timothy, Titus And Philemon

I Corinthians II Corinthians. Galatians Ephesians. Philippians Colossians. I Thessalonians II Thessalonians.

Overview: 2 Timothy

Philemon Hebrews. Paul the Apostle. Related literature. Lost epistles Apocalypse of Paul. Coptic Apocalypse of Paul.

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    See also. Apostle Christian Pauline Christianity. Johann August Majer; 2 vols. Kertelge; Quaestiones Disputatae 89; Freiburg: Herder, , — Palo Alto: Mayfield. Raymond E.

    Brown, S. Fitzmyer, S. J, and Roland E.

    Commentaries on Titus | Reformed Books Online

    Murphy, O. Risen Jesus, Inc. Marshall and P. Two rabbit trails from this a owing "scripture the same reverence which we owe God" strikes me as a very odd statement I need to carefully consider the consequences of.

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    I've always thought of the reverence owed to God as unique to God. I assume the author misspeaks as scripture was written in human language. Indeed, Paul continues, in Christ, all Scripture is God-breathed and profitable for teaching, for reproof, for correction, for discipline in righteousness.

    Though given to the Jews in ancient time, Scripture actually finds its fulfillment in Christ. Though the Scriptures are the works of men, God was also involved in their creation by His Spirit, so that Hebrew Scripture has a prophetic element.

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    Timothy, aware that his ancestral Writings speak of his present Christian Faith, can use them in his own teaching ministry. With the Scriptures, Timothy as a man of God is proficient and fully qualified to fulfill his work. He is equipped for every good work. He does not need to supplement the Scriptures and Faith of the Church with further gnostic fantasies.

    Paul assures Timothy that the Scriptures, interpreted by the apostolic Tradition, are all he needs. Lawrence R. Here it is interesting that the commentary focuses on the use of Hebrews scripture in the Christian life and stresses the context of Timothy more than the contemporary Christian. It also picks up on the false teachers use of scripture in a different manner than my earlier commentary quotes Internet Explorer may not display this site properly.

    We recommend using a different browser. NT The New Testament. For Sale. Bible Study. Popularity is calculated by comparing this book's number of views to our most commonly read book. Popularity is calculated by comparing this book's number of editions to the book with the largest number of editions. Available formats. Read this book. Commentary on Timothy, Titus, and Philemon is another impressive commentary by Calvin on several Pauline epistles. Calvin is regarded as one of the Reformation's best interpreters of scripture.

    He frequently offers his own translations of a passage, explaining the subtleties and nuances of his translation. He has a penchant for incorporating keen pastoral insight into the text as well.