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Normally so cautious and in control of her life, Kelly Harris feels out of her depth cast in the role of a sultry femme fatale.

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But, out of loyalty to her best friend, she reluctantly agrees to play the seductress to teac Prominent lawyer Max Crighton has it all -- money, power, the perfect home life. But for a man add to the dark and dangerous side of sexual attraction isn't enough. He goes from affair to affair, seducing his grateful female clients, putting his ch When Belle Crawford found herself seated next to her ex-husband Luc at a wedding, she expected fireworks--a display sparked by passion! She had found passion in Gareth Simmonds's arms.

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For one brief moment, in sun-drenched Italy, Louise Crighton had been able to forget her hurt at seeing the man she thought she l Finally free to follow her heart, Verity Maitland has returned home to Silas Stevens, her first and only love. It's evident he's still bitter about her choosing a career over marriage.

But what of his own betrayal? After declaring undying love for he She's break his self-control! Still shamed by her teenage infatuation with Ranulf Carrington, Sylvie Bennett knew it was important that he understand they were now meeting on equal terms.

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She would do her utmost to play it cool and distant-his cruel Return of her husband Abbie Howard would do everything to make her daughter's wedding special. Everything, except allow Cathy the one thing she most desired - to meet the father who'd walked away from his marriage before his baby was even born Motherhood, marriage, obsession, betrayal and family duty are causing havoc with Claudia and Garth's relationship, especially when he realises the baby they have adopted is actually his own Opposites attract!

Otel, have in common? Mollie always championed the underdog, while Alex represented the privileged classes. He declared she was stubborn an The Crightons have position, power and elegance The dark, brooding Guy Cooke just had to be the ideal man. Chrissie was entranced and, the wonder of it was, Guy appeared to be equally mesmerized by her!

It see A Perfect Family - but shocking revelations and heartache lie just beneath the surface of their charmed lives. Saul Crighton was every woman's dream - head of a thriving law firm, devoted single father to three young children, and the sexiest ma The Crighton family has been the cause of scandal and heartache for Bobbie Miller--and she wants revenge. All she has to do is seduce the sinfully attractive Luke Crighton and the family secrets will be hers to expose. But the perfect seduction backf The Crightons have everything that money can buy--position, power and elegance Three generations of Crightons have gathered at the family estate for a fiftieth birthday party.

But the expected celebratio The seductress! Star Flower: She's cynical about marriage. No man really wants to be tied down. What he wants is fun without responsibility. Kyle Henson: He's opposed to sex without emotional commitment. So just why is he accepting dinner with Substitute lover? Poppy Carlton: Cousin to the groom. She is devastated when Chris falls in love and marries someone else. She will never love again. James Carlton: The groom's older brother--and best man. Mocking and cynical, he is the exact o Marriage is out of the question Claire Marshall: Stepmother to the bride.

Wary of love, she has no intention of marrying again. Brad Stevenson: Finally free of family responsibility, has no desire for further ties and emotional commitment. She would not be seduced! A pretty woman with no head for business? Christa Bellingham had worked hard to banish this image of herself.

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Did that mean that she now came across as too outspoken--particularly about men? She had learned the hard wa Guard Jamieson -- was successful, sexy--and single. With no other candidate avail How would he make her pay? At sixteen, Courage Bingham had been innocent and unawakened, but her body had been passionately responsive when she felt strong, youthful hands caress her in the dark of her family's summerhouse. Shame and guilt had tor This compelling story explores the lives of four women -- lives changed forever by the final actions of one man.

One man's life has come to an end, but for those left behind, it's just the beginning. Especially for these four women Philippa Tragedy had befallen Rosie when she was a vulnerable sixteen-year-old, and the worst thing about the experience was being caught by Jake Lucas, who clearly thought Rosie was a tramp. Since then Rosie had resolutely It was over ten years ago since Holly, a naive girl still in her teens, had fallen for Robert Graham and had assumed that his intentions were more long-term than just an affair.

She had been bitterly disillusioned. Robert had He had misjudged her Lucy Howard didn't like arrogant men, and Niall Cameron certainly came into that category for her!

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  • He didn't even know her, but he quite happily jumped to all the wrong conclusions. She was rich, spoiled, uncaring and just th Had he returned for her Life wasn't easy as a single mom, but somehow Win had managed to raise a son that any mother could be proud of. Now Charlie's father was back on the scene - and demanding a share in his child. But was a sha Never get involved Debra Latham followed her instructions closely when she was persuaded by her private detective sister to keep a watch on a suspicious client.

    But no instructions told her how to cope with an angry man who believed she was spy Self-made millionaire Bram Soames is a powerful, charismatic businessman. But he's also a man torn by guilt over the scandalous relationship that produced his son. Jay Soames has always used his father's guilt to his advantage and has, for years, An Unforgettable story of broken dreams and new beginnings.

    But Daniel Jefferson was like sal Tangled dreams Gray Phillips had hired Sarah to be his son's nanny out of desperation-she alone could reach and comfort the unhappy child. But Gray made no secret of the fact that he resented her presence in his home and in his life. Forging a Too close At eighteen, Nicola had made a terrible mistake and eight years later is still punishing herself for her folly.

    But her shameful secret comes full circle when Matt Hunt walks back into her life -- as her new boss. Not that Matt recogn When Livvy turned up at her cousin Gale's holiday home, she was looking forward to a well-earned vacation away from it all. What she didn't expect was to have to share the farmhouse with a total stranger!

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    And Richard Field was certainly not an ideal Comfort of strangers The shattering pain of her aunt's terminal illness was almost more than Georgia could bear. The last thing she wanted was company--but she needed a boarder to help pay the bills, now that she'd put her career on hold. Would they become lovers now? The demands of a growing business meant Sybilla had less time to think about the past, about a lonely future--and definitely no time to become emotionally involved. Ever again. Not after Gareth Seymour. Ten years h Remedy for an aching heart Though Lacy's brief marriage went disastrously wrong, she still has her daughter, Jessica.

    But there has been no man since Lewis, the one who loved and left her, twenty years ago. Lacey is a woman in full control of Secretary Sara Browning has just discovered that relationships with the boss don't always work - especially when he's decided to marry someone else! Desperately needing to hide from her humiliation, Sara decides to leave London and stay at her pare The man was trespassing on her emotions!

    Women as independent and career-minded as Miranda didn't just bump into a total stranger and fall in love. Totally unthinkable. There must have been some other more logical explanati Wanted: Prince Charming for damsel in distress Melanie was in distress all right! But the last thing she wanted was a prince--or any man for that matter--to come riding to her rescue. She'd had it with the opposite sex--she wanted only to disappea Had she mistaken kindness for something more? Hazel had to face the truth about Silas Jardine. He was only being friendly because she was Katie's mother.

    And Katie -- not Hazel -- was the once he cared about. But that didn't make it any easier He called her a conniving female And then James Warren accused Tania of deliberately destroying his sister's marriage. He vowed to make her pay for it. Tania was an innocent bystander to the tangle of lies and deceit that surrounded the Forbese Once bitten, twice shy No man would make a fool of Angelica again--not after the way Giles had treated her.