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Older readers will be interested in the medicinal plants glossary that includes botanical drawings as well as botanical and common names and recommended uses. David Evans.

Translated by Conchita Peraire del Molino. Barcelona: Editorial Molino. Grades 3—5. Children are introduced to basic principles of science through simple experiments with water and flotation; air and flight; sound and music; color and light; the human body; living things; seasons; magnets; batteries; and constructions. This large-format publication with clear color photos, an easy-to-read text, and a list of needed equipment will encourage young scientists-to-be to participate in scientific activities.

Alimentos para el futuro Food for the Future. Colin Tudge. Translated by Lorena Stoopen Barois. El genoma humano The Human Genome. Jeremy Cherfas. Mark A. Translated by Valerian Stoopen Barois. Grades 6— In an attractive, small-format paperback presentation, this well written series provides thorough overviews of current scientific issues.

Each title includes a comprehensive text with subheads, numerous color photos, drawings, and charts, as well as informative sidebars and captions. Organic farming, biotechnology, and genetic engineering are examined in Alimentos para el futuro.

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A glossary, index, and suggestions for further reading in English only complete each title. Grades 5—8. Simple explanations and clear color photos, drawings, and charts with informative captions on every page make these well designed, large-format publications excellent introductions to technology and zoology. Each volume includes a well written foreword and a comprehensive subject index. Its three main sections—anatomy and physiology, invertebrate animals, and vertebrate animals—discuss the structure, organization, and behavior of particular animal groups.

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Why Do We Sleep? Color and Noise! Planta y riega. Dig and Sow! How Do Plants Grow? Janice Lobb. Illustrated by Peter Utton and Ann Savage. Translated by Anna Pena Miralles. Children are introduced to scientific laws through simple experiments that they can do in their bedrooms or backyards. Each title includes watercolor and pencil illustrations, lighthearted text, easy-to-follow instructions, a review quiz, a glossary, and an index.

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Kathy Wollard. Illustrated by Debra Solomon. Translated by Joan Carles Quix. Barcelona: Ediciones Oniro. Grades 4—7. In a simple, easy-to-understand text and humorous black-and-white illustrations, Wollard provides answers to queries e-mailed to her from around the world. Artropodos Introducing Anthropods. Avispas y abejas Wasps and Bees.

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Caracoles y babosas Snails and Slugs. Escarabajos Beetles. Hormigas Ants. Invertebrados Introducing Invertebrates. Mariposas y polillas Butterflies and Moths. Moscas Flies. Saltamontes y grillos Grasshoppers and Crickets. Graham Meadows and Claire Vial. Mundo de Invertebrados Dominie Carlsbad, Calif. Through clear color drawings and close-up photos and an easy-to-understand text, this appealing series introduces young readers to the physical characteristics, habitats, and behavior of the most common invertebrates. All titles include especially interesting brief chapters on their life cycles and their importance to human beings—both their benefits and harmful effects.

Each title includes a glossary without definite articles and an index. George Levenson.

Photos by Shmuel Thaler. Berkeley, Calif. Grades K—3. Spanish speakers are introduced to the growth cycle and care of pumpkins through exquisite photographs. This is an engrossing presentation of how pumpkin seedlings sprout, grow, bud, bloom, and sprout again.

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El coyote Coyote. El lobo Wolf. Los zorros Foxes. Jalma Barrett. Photos by Larry Allan. Farmington Hills, Mich.

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Grades 2—4. Through direct, straightforward texts and color photos on every page, this appealing series introduces readers to the physical appearances, habits, hunting and mating behaviors, and life cycles of coyotes El coyote , wolves El lobo and different species of foxes Los zorros. Each title includes a glossary without definite articles , a bibliography of English titles, and an index. El lince Lynx. El lince rojo Bobcat. El puma Cougar. Los guepardos Cheetahs. Los tigres Tigers.

Melissa Cole. Photos by Tom and Pat Leeson. Just as exciting as the original English editions, this engaging, well translated series introduces young Spanish speakers to the physical characteristics, behavior, habitat, and endangered status of lynxes El lince , bobcats El lince rojo , cougars El puma , cheetahs Los guepardos , and tigers Los tigres. Each title includes exquisite color photos, a bibliography of English titles, and a glossary without definite articles. El oso negro Black Bear.

El oso panda Panda. Tom Leeson and Pat Leeson. El oso pardo Grizzly Bear. El oso polar Polar Bear. Jason Stone and Jody Stone. Maintaining the straightforward text and exciting, good-quality color photos of the original English editions, these fluent Spanish renditions provide excellent introductions to the physical characteristics, diets, hunting and mating behaviors, and life cycles of black bears El oso negro , pandas El oso panda , and grizzly bears El oso polar.

Each title includes a bibliography of English books and a glossary without definite articles. Las ballenas Whales. Los delfines Dolphins. Los tiburones Sharks. Melissa Cole and Brandon Cole. He doesn't allow interruptions. You can't go where I'm going. Where are you going? They adopted a little girl.