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White House Demands G20 “Haters” Leave Ivanka Alone

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Wait a week or so, and then enjoy. The pectin in apples is great for your skin—simply grate one up and apply it to your face for 15 minutes. You can also add grated apples to oatmeal and honey for another skin-softening treat. Take a tall vase. Add apples. Or use a tray. Add a line of apples. If you want to get really creative, add a little greenery, or a lemon or two. But really, apples and something to hold them in are all you really need for a last-minute centrepiece that still has some drama to it. Sure, cabbages are fine, but apples make slaw that much more interesting.

Try this recipe for an unexpected side dish, perfect with pulled pork.

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Still got a few apples left? Use them for holiday decorations! You can thread dehydrated apple slices together for a rustic, sweet-smelling garland. Did you get a little apple-happy at the orchard this weekend? Make apple chips These are super easy and super, super healthy a plus after all that pie.

Man Born Without Arms And Legs Lives Life Without Limits - BORN DIFFERENT

Add apples to savoury soups Apples can add a tangy sweetness to savoury soups. Make apple dog treats Pamper your pooch with these all-natural, homemade dog treats , featuring apples, eggs and whole-wheat flour. Create some candle holders All you needs is a melon baller to create pretty tealight holders—simply scoop out the top of an apple including the stem , fit a tealight into the hole and voila—lovely, simple, sweet-smelling candle holders that can be lined up on a table or floated in water.

Cut out an apple stamp Turns out apples make good stamps as well as snacks. Add them to potpourri Combine orange peels, cinnamon sticks, nutmeg, and cloves with dried apple slices, and you have a lovely warm potpourri. Pickle them Apple pickles are a great condiment to add to pork roast or grilled chicken. Make shrunken heads for Halloween These can either be cute little apple dolls or freaky-looking shrunken heads —your choice. Add them to a grilled cheese sandwich The combinations are endless, but favourites include green apples and brie, Macs with sharp cheddar, or curried Pink Ladies with smoked gouda.

Get a little boozy Apple-tinis are much, much better when you make them with your own homemade apple-infused vodka. You know you'd like to think that man governs and dominates all the decisions that make history unfold, but clearly people must have been in the right place at the right time. Now, some could say it's just nature, I say it's luck. And when you get here and see what else they have you won't even come to the Strip. When I lived in California I didn't have many opportunities, but here they got so many hotels coming up, stores open up everyday, so you can get a job real easy.

Might not be the job you want but it'll be a job until you can get the job you want. My brother moved here, to Las Vegas, so I would come here and visit him, and he said, you should come up here, it's easy to get a house up here and stuff.

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When you apply for it, you can move into a brand new house. They build it the way you want, you know, the way you want them to, no money down. Not a penny. Now that was for me! I was ready for that. So it's real nice, it's a two bedroom, two bathroom, but right now I'm thinking about getting a bigger house because I have three granddaughters now, so we're going to get a bigger place.

It's just like any other town, it has clubs, zoos.

You wouldn't think Vegas would have a zoo, but they got a zoo. We never drove around, when we come to Vegas we come straight down the boulevard and we stayed on the Strip and I never got out. But you know once you gamble and lose your money, you go home, what else to stay for? But it's a real town! This is indeed the best move I ever made. I wasn't established in California. I went there in I never bought a house, I never owned anything, and when you get in your forties you have to own something, you know.

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  4. So soon as I moved here, I got my jobs, got a new car, got a new truck, got a new house and I've only been here six years. I cleaned up! David Thomson, Author : I think the hold of this place is it's on the edge and it needs to be. It's always been a place where you look out of your windows and see the sun rise or set on the desert, and know that there are snakes and serpents out there.

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    It's biblical in that way. And if you can imagine the place devoid of all construction you would quickly say well, who on earth would have come here? Because it's not a sensible place to build a city and I think there is still that feeling of kind of really surreal triumph over the elements, you know.

    Damn those elements. We can beat 'em.

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    Narrator : A more godforsaken locale could scarcely have been imagined. In just six months, some 42, men descended on that desolate spot, desperate to land one of the 5, construction jobs on the Boulder Dam -- also known as Hoover Dam -- a massive engineering project that would harness the mighty Colorado River for the benefit of a half dozen states throughout the Southwest.

    For four and a half long years, the dam workers would spend their days slaving between walls of stubborn hardrock that was literally too hot to be touched, and their nights penned up in Boulder City, a federal reservation with few of the comforts of home, and all of the same hometown rules -- no gambling, no prostitution, and absolutely no liquor. They lived for payday. With money in their pockets, they blew out of Boulder City as if it were on fire and headed straight for a dusty little town in the middle of the Mohave called Las Vegas.

    There, along a two-block stretch of Fremont Street, the town's main drag, and in the nearby red light district known as Block 16, they encountered one of the greatest concentrations of wide-open vice to be found anywhere in Prohibition America -- a bawdy, brightly-lit cluster of gambling dens and hot-sheet prostitution cribs and saloon after saloon after saloon. Marc Cooper : They were living in these camps in this unforgiving desert in a state of real lockdown and let's face it, there is absolutely nothing to do. So you had two choices on payday in Boulder City: you could stay back in the camp and not drink and maybe play some cards with your friends and wait for night to come, or you could hit Fremont Street and gamble and drink and party until your check ran out.

    Now which one would you choose? Narrator : Founded in as a railroad town, Las Vegas had enjoyed about a dozen years of prosperity, catering to passengers on layover and supplying the mining camps to the north and south. But its stint as a classic western boomtown had been short-lived.

    In , after a national strike idled the line through the town for nearly a month, the railroad moved its repairs shops and laid off hundreds of people. Many businesses went belly-up -- and some observers thought sure the place would wind up a ghost town. But nothing really worked. Eugene Moehring, Historian : Nevada lacked the resources that other states had; it was so arid that it lacked enough water to develop industries.

    In , Nevada was the lowest populated state in the union. It had less people than you could fit in Fenway Park in Boston. Some states actually talked about Nevada becoming part of California and abolishing Nevada all together. And so in order to keep people here, and keep the economy going, none of the towns really abolished their frontier vices immediately.