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September 14th, In the 6th century CE, the Roman emperor Justinian embarked upon a series of wars that seemed to herald the restoration of the Roman empire in the western Mediterranean. In his book Rome Resurgent: War and Empire in the …. Taylor and R. Jacobs, eds. In a break with protocol, I decided to interview a novelist rather than a military historian. Nick Dybek , a creative writing professor at Oregon …. John M. Conventional wisdom has long held the position that between and , not only did the United States enjoy a monopoly on atomic weapons, but ….

William D. During the 17th and 18th centuries, Austria established itself as one of the dominant powers of Europe, despite possessing much more limited fiscal resources when compared to its counterparts.

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In The Sinews of Habsburg …. As Laron notes in this interview, the fact that the war led to ongoing conflicts in the Middle East is …. Steve R. Nowhere was …. Though there are numerous books about the naval history of the Second World War, very few of them attempt to cover the span of the conflict within …. Andrew J.

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Huebner joins New Books in Military …. Lisa M. Jacob N. Felter , and Jacob N. Janet E.

This unique document—rare for its …. There has been historiographical revolution in the literature of the war on the Western Front in the past thirty years. Tarak Barkawi , a Reader in International Relations at the London School of Economics, has written an important book that will cause many of us to …. Since , the United States has lost every war it started. Who was the spymaster of the Third Reich? How did Nazi ideology influence intelligence collection? Katrin Paehler answers these questions with the ….

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James Reston, Jr. High school history courses rarely …. Civil wars are among the most intractable conflicts in the world. Yet exactly distinguishes civil war from other types of armed struggle? In his book. Despite the British being early abolitionists, a significant slave trade remained in the western Indian Ocean through the mids, even after the ….

Nor was the system of internment camps it spawned.

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In his new book, Colonial …. Thomas Whigham begins his book The Road to Armageddon: …. Gregory A. Fortunately the …. David W. In dead of winter at Wounded Knee Creek in , U. Daniel J. January 23rd, Two and a …. Vanya E. What were the dreams of the Civil War? Find out by listening to my conversation with Jonathan White about his new book Midnight in America: Darkness, ….

Steven P. Georgia Press, December 12th, When the nations of Latin America fought for their independence in the early 19th century, they commissioned privateers stationed in the United States to attack Spanish skipping. In Privateers of the Americas: Spanish …. Oklahoma Press, December 7th, David G. Judith Giesberg , an expert on the history of women and gender during the Civil War, is professor and director of graduate studies in the history department at Villanova University and Editor of The Journal of the Civil ….

In his new book, Jewish Anzacs: Jews in the Australian Military New South Press , , author, journalist and historian Mark Dapin explores the little-known story of the thousands of Jews that have fought in …. What convinced young intellectuals to join the SS and perpetrate genocide in pursuit of a racial utopia?

Find out in our conversation with …. Ricardo A. Citizenship, identity, and legitimacy are the cornerstones of Ricardo A. Illinois Press, October 11th, On July 17, , a massive explosion rocked the segregated Navy base at Port Chicago, California, killing more than sailors who were at the …. When Charles de Gaulle issued his famous call in June for the French people to continue fighting Nazi Germany, among those within Occupied …. If you were a cadet at West Point and knew with virtual certainty that upon graduation you would be sent into the teeth of the Vietnam war, what ….

September 12th, In the third podcast of Arguing History , historians William J.

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Cooper and Richard Carwardine address the question of the role presidential leadership …. The civil war in Yemen today harkens back to a similar conflict half a century ago, when the overthrow of the ruling imam, Muhammad al-Badr, in …. In the wake of the Arab Spring and the ensuing Syrian Civil War, the stories of the millions displaced by the conflict as well as the millions Syria …. In the 10th century, a succession of Byzantine rulers reversed centuries of strategic policy by embarking on a series of campaigns that dramatically ….

The majority of the books we profile on New Books in Military History are traditional research narratives, monographs written by historians and …. The conquest of the Philippines in brought thousands of Americans under the control of the empire of Japan. While most of them were interned or …. Jennifer T. The Peloponnesian War was one of the first subjects of historical inquiry, and one that has been the subject of many works ever since Thucydides wrote his famous account of the conflict.

Yet these works typically focus …. Patrick N. Robert M. Browning Jr. Though the U. Should the U. Have Entered World War One? June 24th, In the inaugural podcast of Arguing History, historians Michael S. Neiberg and Brian Neumann address the question of Americas decision in to …. One often hears stories of World War II and Korean War veterans who came back from the war and refused to talk about what they had experienced in …. In the s the Royal Navy faced the problem of defending its empire in eastern Asia and Australia against the formidable naval power of Japan.

How they responded to this threat in the final years of peace and the …. John P. Fighting for Uncle Sam: Buffalo …. Patrick J. Between his various responsibilities Sheeran …. When America went to war against Germany in , the scale of the conflict required the mobilization of women as well as men in order to achieve victory. Far from being a nation …. Oklahoma Press, March 2nd, The intersection of colonialism and mass atrocities is one of the most exciting insights of the past years of genocide studies.

Steven L. Ossad, “Omar Nelson Bradley: America’s GI General, 1893-1981” (University of Mis…

Michael S. As the United States …. Timothy S. Press of Kansas, December 19th, Huebner , the Irma O. The remarkable story of Henry Ossian Flipper, a young man born into slavery on the eve of the Civil War, and his struggle for recognition left its mark on our nations history.