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En algunas ocasiones, los incendios forestales han sido seguidos por deslizamientos de tierra devastadores. Este mundo tiene una grave deuda social con los pobres que no tienen acceso al agua potable, porque eso es negarles el derecho a la vida radicado en su dignidad inalienable. A nivel global, es un sistema complejo relacionado con muchas condiciones esenciales para la vida humana.

En el , los Obispos de los EE. Estos esfuerzos son encomiables, incluso ejemplares. California ha sido bendecida con una belleza incomparable, y por medio de esto, Dios se revela. LS, La Iglesia se suma a muchas de estas tentativas y aplaudimos su ejemplo. En este contexto:. Ustedes, de forma justa, reclaman un cambio LS De muchas formas, ustedes representan a la familia humana como administradores de las tierras y el agua. Cuando demos gracias a Dios por nuestros alimentos LS , expresemos nuestra gratitud por aquellos que cultivan la tierra. Hacemos un llamado a las personas que trabajan la tierra y cuidan de ella para que:.

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She distinguishes, thus, the forms of aesthetic refraction of chronotopies from the concrete uses of temporalization and of spatialization in modern social life, and underlines that which distinguishes language-object from language of object description. The forms of aesthetic refraction of chronotopies are the basis of language of description, which is the way the author describes the language-object shaped in the above-mentioned concrete uses of temporalization and spatialization in social life.

The author links the category of cultural chronotopy to demonstrations of the construction of identities from the appropriation of " places of social identity " p. This resembles the criteria of definition of primary and secondary genres, respectively, as well as the distinction between ideology of daily life and "official" ideology. These chronotopies both enact, in the theatrical sense, as they describe the represented actions in a way that seems a reenacting in speech of what was represented by them. The texts were all unpublished, and most of them were written in Spanish.

Boria proposes that some elements of the Bakhtinian ethics, especially the question of understanding, might be resignified in the context of feminisms and, at the same time, may be motivators for new feminist conceptualizations.

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The text sees similarities between Butler and Bakhtin regarding the question of radical difference, of otherness, based on the idea of suspension of synthesis as "the permanence of differences" p. I point out that few are the authors who refer to the built character of men's condition. In this sense, Boria's chapter brings an important contribution to the theme of gender from an exceedingly prudent feminist perspective, able to collaborate for a deeper reflection on questions for which the Bakhtinian ethics, as Boria shows, may be considered one of the support points in dialogue with other perspectives.

Respect to constitutive difference and to equality of human statute of women and men has, in the ethics Boria proposes, an important ally. ROMO P. Handwriting is important also in actual digital life because handwriting is something personal. Nobody writes by hand like you. The way you write reflects your personality. While some of the same parts of your brain are used for typing as writing by hand, to write legibly with a Continue Reading. It uses a square grid containing nine boxes that contain nine small squares Continue Reading.

Remember how as a child you would spend hours on the floor on your tummy with a color book and crayons spilling all around you? Do you remember how serene Continue Reading. Las anotaciones cotidianas pueden ayudarte a desarrolar tu conciencia y a aprender Continue Reading. One must read all papers in the order they are presented in this part.

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Such a reading shows the meanders of Aran's thought and even an architectonics for a dialogue between dialogism and social criticism. With meaning I give answers to questions. Anything that does not answer a question is devoid of sense for us. The responsive nature of contextual meaning.

Meaning always responds to questions. Anything that does not respond to something seems meaningless to us; it is removed from dialogue. Contextual meaning and formal definition. Formal definition is removed from dialogue, but it is deliberately and conventionally abstracted from it. It contains potential meaning , p.

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It is a controversial passage, which summarizes the concept of dialogical relations, but it bothers some authors when it talks about the exclusion of "formal definition. This description may serve us as a resource for resisting against the flexible and alienated subject of capitalism - the one who sells, without morals, some domesticated differences between subjects in order to achieve the homogenization necessary to maintain economies of scale that seek only to maximize profits.

The author explores several "traces" of authorship discussed by Bakhtin, that is, several ways he defines authors and their actions the "love for variations". Recognizing that Bakhtin is along with Foucault a founder of discursivity, she calls his discursivity - as she legitimately interprets Bakhtin - "intersubjective otherness. Thus, this highlights that I and alter are relational, something at times forgotten, although it is the basis of the dialogical concept: I and other are mutually constitutive, for better or worse, one way or another.

This topic is so dear to me that I have written about it in several texts based essentially on the question of architectonic form, which in Aran's essay is only mentioned, in its relation to compositional form, and the latter's mobilization for the architectonical enunciative project and other aspects of genre. In the text there are nuances and another way of seeing the question of the author according to Bakhtin as well as an excellent survey of the distinct moments and texts of theorizing this question in Bakhtin's work.

In a certain way, there is a convergence of elements on sense in Bakhtin's work and the question of authorship, coming from the previous essays. I think these essays were "asking for" genres to be considered, since sense and authorship imply utterances, and genres are forms of utterances. It is not that she does not recognize it, but, as her point of view reveals a certain emphasis on their most stable aspects, I consider vital to emphasize the necessity to remember their variable aspects. There is an excellent survey that investigated the moments when this question is discussed in the oeuvre of the authors of the dialogical concept.

A high point in the text is when it shows that Bakhtin's mature works maintain, with alterations, the perspective of the beginning.

In fact, in Bakhtin's oeuvre , starting with the text that came to be entitled "Towards a Philosophy of the Act," language in use and the idea that the basis of sense is the relation I-other are present. In my reading, the authors in fact do attempt to make an inventory of genres, but they soon give up on this idea, because of their realization that there are infinite means for genres to emerge, according to the necessities of spheres.

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What they really do is to present criteria and parameters for the understanding of genres in terms of their stability and variation. To do so, they resort to this inventory. Stemming from the correlation between forms of presence of genres and the reality to which genres have access and which they cover evaluatively, the author proposes her social criticism of genres, which retrieves one of Bakhtin's important formulations.

Her way of discussing the topic echoes the definition of social evaluation, value-attribution, as the cement of the relation between the structure of speech and the ideological life of the community, by Medvedev.

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