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Expand all About This Publication. Physical Description pages : illustrations, genealogical tables ; 25 cm. ISBN Keywords and Subjects. Subjects Jews--Germany--Detmold--Historyth century. Jews--Persecutions--Germany--Detmold--Historyth century. Holocaust, Jewish --Germany--Detmold--Sources.

Photograph taken in during a symposium at the University of Genoa, Italy. When his first major monograph on the systematics of the Radiolaria was published Haeckel , he was promoted to extraordinary a. Three years later, Haeckel earned a doctorate in zoology Dr.

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In the same year, a. Ernst Haeckel was appointed to the Lehrstuhl chair of zoology at the University of Jena. Here, he continued to work as a full o. Jena in the year In April , when he came back from Italy, the then year-old Haeckel read with great interest the German version of the 2nd ed. Moreover, in his Generelle Morphologie , Haeckel concluded that all complex forms of life on Earth originated from bacteria.

As described below, Darwin and Haeckel were close personal friends who treated each other with great respect and admiration. Haeckel, a personal friend of Mr.

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His advocacy of the doctrine of Evolution in his Monograph of the Radiolaria , first brought it before the attention of German men of Science; his enthusiastic and gallant advocacy ever since has chiefly contributed to its success in that country. Portraits of Charles Darwin — and Ernst Haeckel, combined with a copy of the first paragraphs taken from the Laudatio , which was read by the President of the Linnean Society of London on 1 July Adapted from Scott Darwin, in , wrote to Prof.

A brilliant writer and investigator, author of a number of classical Zoological Monographs, Prof. The stimulating vigour of his style roused a keen and general interest in evolution in the early days of Darwinism. His phylogenetic pedigrees have played a useful and important part as aids to the imagination and as familiarizing the mind with the idea of descent, at a time when the evolutionary conception was still obscure.

They are intended rather as artistic endeavours to picture what happened in the past than as dogmatic statements of historical sequences. Haeckel, so distinguished in the laboratory, has, like Darwin, Wallace, and Hooker, a strongly developed naturalist side, shown by his scientific travels, in the Canaries, Ceylon, and elsewhere. He, too, is a thorough Darwinian, who has remained loyal to the principle of natural selection. Cover image of the book on the Darwin—Wallace celebration, showing both sides of the Darwin—Wallace Medal, reproduced from the original monograph.

Photo: P. Bock; adapted from Scott Moreover, this Laudatio clearly documents that Haeckel ranks among the most important evolutionary biologists and philosophers of the natural sciences in the nineteenth and in the beginning of twentieth century. As summarized above, Ernst Haeckel was a key figure in the history of biology. However, he was not only a creative naturalist and artist, but also a popularizer of science and fighter against dogmatic religious views Christianity, Judaism, Muslimism Haeckel Science education.

Watts et al. Hossfeld et al. Haeckel-reception in Russia.

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In an accompanying article, E. Kolchinsky and G.

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A third paper in this section by A. In the first study of this section, G.

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He argues that the cause was not based on scientific issues, but rather due to political and nationalistic influences, such as Marxism and the emergence of Nazi ideology. By using our website you agree to our use of cookies. We can notify you when this item is back in stock. Gyles Brandreth. Peter Ellis.

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