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It crashes onto the Earth where it is thought to be an alien vessel. She is caught up in a struggle to preserve history. The Devil's Arithmetic. During a Passover Seder , a woman is transported back to in Poland and is sent to a death camp. Four Past Midnight : "The Langoliers". An airplane accidentally flies through a rip in the space-time continuum. It appears in the "used time" of yesterday, where dreadful "Langoliers" eat the past. Outlander series. A woman time travels from the s to the s by stepping through the standing stones in Scotland.

The Guns of the South. A history student is inadvertently sent to England, at the beginning of the Black Death pandemic. The Cross-Time Engineer. A 20th-century Polish engineer is transported back to 13th century Poland, ten years before the Mongol invasion.

A Visit from Saint Nicholas (In the Ernest Hemingway Manner)

The Hundred-Light-Year-Diary. After the invention of a method for sending messages back in time, the history of the future becomes common knowledge, and every person knows their own fate. From Time to Time. Adventures include voyaging on the RMS Titanic. The authorised sequel to H. Wells' The Time Machine. Pastwatch: The Redemption of Christopher Columbus.

Researchers look back in time to see Christopher Columbus 's arrival in the New World , in order to save the world from ecological disaster. Animorphs and Visser 3 are sent back a few hours to the Amazon by a Saurio Rip, with the plot used again in Altermorph 1. In Megamorph 2, the same concept is used to send the animorphs back to 65 million BC. In the Garden of Iden. Two men in the present attempt to prevent the birth of Adolf Hitler.

To Say Nothing of the Dog. A comedy in which historians travel back in time to find an artifact for a wealthy woman. They experience the Blitz at St. Features a scene with a dinosaur in a hotel room. A boy gets transported to a weird world by a blue light, only to discover that it is the dark future of planet Earth.

Island in the Sea of Time. Nantucket is transported years back in time because of a space disturbance.

Max's Christmas

The Sterkarm Handshake. A 21st-century corporation intends to use a Time Tube to exploit the natural resources of the past, but is outfoxed by a 16th-century Scottish clan. A modern-day boy switches places with a Shakespearean actor who needs to be cured by modern medicine so he can return to his own time and help Shakespeare to greater success on the stage.

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. Hogwarts student, Hermione Granger , acquires a Time-Turner , that allows her to take a large courseload. The device is later used to manipulate the events of a single night to free two prisoners. The Light of Other Days. Arthur C. Clarke , Stephen Baxter. A wormhole-based "time viewer" can observe people and events from any point throughout time and space.

First in the series. Monuments from the future appear in the early 21st century, precipitating a global political collapse. Palaeontologists studying dinosaurs are trapped in the Mesozoic period, but also travel into the very distant future.

The novel was nominated for several science fiction awards. Counting Up, Counting Down. Collection of short stories, including two about a man's attempt to save his failing marriage by travelling back to the time he first met his wife. Kaleidoscope Century. A man on Mars has a virus that puts him to sleep every 15 years, and he wakes 10 younger.

He learns of a way to go back to the past. Sleuth, Thursday Next, gets caught up in overlapping vortices of time and alternate reality as a villain tries to eradicate a literary classic. Mikuru Asahina and Fujiwara have travelled from the future to observe a girl who is unaware that she possesses destructive reality warping powers.

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The Time Traveler's Wife. A man with a rare genetic disorder unpredictably travels in time, living his life out of sequence. A naval task force from is accidentally sent back to just before the Battle of Midway.

A Short Story Written by Jordan Peterson

The Spark of God orig. Describes the First Crusade and the beginning of the Knights Templar in the future. All You Need Is Kill. When aliens invade, a new recruit dies on the battlefield, only to reawaken the day before he was killed, to fight and die again and again. Warcraft: War of the Ancients Trilogy.

  • Present Time - The Sacred Tool To Quiet The Mind;
  • The One She Cant Have (The Savannah Series Book 1).
  • Bericht jüdische Projektage, Erfahrungen einer Betroffenen (German Edition);
  • The Rationale of Punishment.
  • Bought By The Billionaire Brothers 6: The Hearts Ransom (Billionaire Romance).
  • “The sleigh was full of toys. ‘Who is it?’ mamma asked. “Some guy,’ I said. ‘A little guy.’ ”.
  • The Unwanted?

A human, a dragon and an orc travel back in time to help save Azeroth from the Burning Legion. The Plot to Save Socrates. Time travellers from try to prevent Socrates from consuming hemlock. Artemis Fowl: The Lost Colony. The fifth in the Artemis Fowl series. Artemis and Captain Holly Short search for a missing demon, to stop a demon colony.

Artemis also ends up saving Holly by manipulating time. Characters participate in "Party Crashing" which can, under certain conditions, cause time travel. The Accidental Time Machine. A research assistant at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology accidentally creates a forward-traveling time machine. Each leap forward in time to get out of trouble lands him in deeper trouble. Artemis Fowl: The Time Paradox. The sixth book in the Artemis Fowl series.