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Sketches by Boz

The parish required a man who could be depended on 'Hear! Such a man he now proposed 'No,' 'Yes'. He would not allude to individuals the ex-churchwarden continued, in the celebrated negative style adopted by great speakers. He would not advert to a gentleman who had once held a high rank in the service of his majesty; he would not say, that that gentleman was no gentleman; he would not assert, that that man was no man; he would not say, that he was a turbulent parishioner; he would not say, that he had grossly misbehaved himself, not only on this, but on all former occasions; he would not say, that he was one of those discontented and treasonable spirits, who carried confusion and disorder wherever they went; he would not say, that he harboured in his heart envy, and hatred, and malice, and all uncharitableness.

He wished to have everything comfortable and pleasant, and therefore, he would say — nothing about him cheers. The captain replied in a similar parliamentary style. He would not say, he was astonished at the speech they had just heard; he would not say, he was disgusted cheers.

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He would not retort the epithets which had been hurled against him renewed cheering ; he would not allude to men once in office, but now happily out of it, who had mismanaged the workhouse, ground the paupers, diluted the beer, slack-baked the bread, boned the meat, heightened the work, and lowered the soup tremendous cheers. He would not ask what such men deserved a voice, "Nothing a-day, and find themselves!

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He would not say, that one burst of general indignation should drive them from the parish they polluted with their presence 'Give it him! He would not allude to the unfortunate man who had been proposed — he would not say, as the vestry's tool, but as Beadle. He would not advert in detail to the qualifications of Bung. The man stood before him, and he would not say in his presence, what he might be disposed to say of him, if he were absent.

Here Mr. Bung telegraphed to a friend near him, under cover of his hat, by contracting his left eye, and applying his right thumb to the tip of his nose.

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It had been objected to Bung that he had only five children 'Hear, hear! Well; he had yet to learn that the legislature had affixed any precise amount of infantine qualification to the office of beadle; but taking it for granted that an extensive family were a great requisite, he entreated them to look to facts, and compare data , about which there could be no mistake.

Bung was 35 years of age. The captain concluded, amidst loud applause, by calling upon the parishioners to sound the tocsin, rush to the poll, free themselves from dictation, or be slaves for ever. Cruikshank also produced a design for the pink wrapper enclosing each of the twenty monthly parts; this was engraved on wood by John Jackson, the original drawing adapted from one the artist had previously made for Macrone being now in the possession of Mr.

William Wright, of Paris. The subject of the frontispiece is the same as that of the title-page in the Second Series. Its celebrity, based partly on its topicality as a response to the general mood for "Reform" in the s, must have prompted George Cruikshank to reference this early sketch in the wrapper design. Additional interest is imparted to some of the etchings in "Sketches by Boz" owing to the introduction by the artist of portraits of Charles Dickens and himself, there being no less than five delineations of the face and figure of the youthful "Boz" as he then appeared.

Sketches by Boz, part 1, Illustrative of Every Day Life and Every Day People, Charles DICKENS, Audio

In the title-page of the Second Series as well as in the reproduction of it in the octavo edition , the identity of the two individuals waving flags in the car of the balloon has been pointed out by Cruikshank, who wrote on the original pencil-sketch, "The parties going up in the balloon are intended for the author and the artist," — which may be considered a necessary explanation, as the likenesses are not very apparent.

Beginning in November , Dickens's new and rather more generous publishers, Chapman and Hall, re-issued in monthly parts the Sketches by 'Boz,' Illustrative of Everyday Life and Everyday People , which had begun with the anonymously published "Dinner at Poplar Walk" afterwards called "Mr. Minns and his Cousin" in the Monthly Magazine in December Although Dickens published eight further journalistic sketches in the same magazine between then and February , only in the August issue, containing "The Boarding-House No.

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II," did Dickens adopt the pseudonym "Boz. Cruikshank was engaged to re-etch the old illustrations on a larger scale for the new size of page, and to supply thirteen new plates, making forty in all [not counting the monthly wrapper].

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  4. The entire contents of the three existing volumes, with the addition of "The Tuggs's [sic] at Ramsgate," were now reprinted, and the public that had bought the monthly parts of Pickwick was invited, on the conclusion of that work, in October , to take up Sketches by Boz in twenty parts, the first being issued in November. Hammerton, iii. The Old Lady.

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    The Half-Pay Captain. In the serial wrapper, Cruikshank focuses on the running battle between the dubious champion of reform, Captain Purday, and his nemesis, the parish's leading property-owner and leader of the conservative faction. The disputes over such matters as mismanagement and corruption over the administration of the parish workhouse come to a head when the church wardens must appoint a new beadle when the holder of that sinecure suddenly dies.

    The same subject captured the interest of later illustrator Harry Furniss in The Election of Beadle , in which the former beadle, in full uniform of office, occupies the central position, but in which the eye is inevitably drawn to the two antagonists in debate above him. We may assume that the stouter gentleman to the left i.

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    In the subsequently engraved wrapper, Cruikshank depicts these pro- and anti-reform factions, carrying appropriate signs, on either side of the "Z. Original green mille-feuille cloth and original pink sand-grain cloth, housed together in a handsome early case. London, John Macrone. A very attractive set: tape stains to the endpapers of both volumes of the first part, with some foxing, particularly to the early leaves, joints slightly weak, a few splash marks to the bindings, upper fore edge corner bumped, but binding unworn and unsophisticated.

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    The second part also has some very small tape stains to the endpapers and the binding has been skilfully recased, with repair the to head and tail and the upper hinge, although there is still a bit of a gap before the pictorial title page. The first part has the bold contemporary ownership inscription of "F. Tyrwhitt-Drake Feb " the month of publication on the title pages, with a pencil note below "lent to Reeves": the Tyrwhitt Drakes, based in Amersham, were one of the wealthiest families of the 18th and early nineteenth centuries, commissioning the beautiful Shardeloes House from architect Stiff Leadbetter, with decoration by the young Robert Adam.