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There are several different options for how to do this, including hiring a freelancer or collaborating with an established agency. When you have your logo, make sure you put it on everything, advertising, business cards, envelopes, email signature and so on to build brand awareness and visibility. A common misconception is that there is some kind of one-size-fits-all marketing strategy that you can follow and expect great results, whatever your business.

This is simply not true since all businesses are different, and all have different requirements. Before you choose which elements to integrate into your overall marketing strategy, you need to think carefully about your target customers. What is their demographic?

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How old are they? Where do they live? What online services do they use?

How do they look for your product? Being clear about details such as these will allow you to develop a targeted and more effective overall strategy that focuses on the channels most likely to produce results for you. Facebook Ads are one of the best ways to target a specific group.

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Your advertising can focus on factors such as age, sex, location, interests, online habits and so on. The system is easy to use and is relatively inexpensive, making this a great way for you to reach the maximum number of potential customers in a short time. One of the most important ways of directing web traffic to your site is through Google searches.

Even as Google changes the search algorithms, you still need to keep your page keyword optimized to make sure you rank highly on searches. Email has many advantages as a marketing channel. It is easy to do, easy to automate, allows instantaneous communication, costs very little and can reach a large number of potential customers with the highest open rates, especially if you segment your list as shown above.

The main idea is to get people to come back to your website at a later date when they are likely to buy your product. Email leads still have one of the highest conversion rates of all sources. Google My Business is a particularly useful tool for local businesses with a local customer base.

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When people in the local area search on Google for the product or service you provide, this is a great way to have your business appear near the top of that search. When potential customers see your profile and accompanying good reviews at or near the top of the list, your business automatically gains credibility and people will be more willing to trust you.

With so much being done online nowadays, sometimes people forget the more traditional ways of gaining visibility. For local businesses, sponsoring a local sports team is still a great way to raise awareness of your company. People love their local sports teams and having your logo emblazoned on the kit will make people associate your brand with the local area. They will be more likely to think of you when they need your product and will be more likely to come to you due to that local association.

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If you want to build awareness of your product, you need to let people try it. A great example of this is when Keurig wanted to move from making coffee machines for the office to producing machines designed for home use. Despite the fact they had a fantastic product to sell, at the time a pod-based coffee machine was still a very novel idea, so they made an effort to demonstrate their Keurig Brewing System in stores and other high-visibility locations. The strategy obviously paid off since the company has since gone on to dominate the US home brew coffee market and become a way of life.

I start projects at the beginning of each month. You can schedule to start the next available month or months in advance depending on your preferred schedule. That is how I designed the packages. Each package starts with the basics brand discovery, brand guidelines, logo, and icon and include 5 brand element choices making it easy to tailor to your needs. Have another idea or suggestion? Just ask!

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That is part of the first two steps of the process. We will dig deep to really understand what you need, and then we will create a brand and website strategy. Once we know what your unique needs are, I can guide you into what marketing options are best for your needs. All membership pricing are very reasonable for small business owners and entrepreneurs. You can review the following price options: Squarespace , Mailchimp , Vertical Response. I do encourage the use of Mailchimp, as they are currently offering direct email marketing thru Squarespace making it even easier for you to create marketing campaigns.

I love Squarespace templates because the back end is really easy to use once I provide you the complimentary 2-hour training. Squarespace templates are sleek and beautiful, but easily allow me to customize using CSS and HTML coding, making it a unique website for you at the fraction of the price if we built it from the ground up. You will need a domain which you can either purchase thru Squarespace or a third-party company such as GoDaddy. You do not need an outside server or host for the website, Squarespace provides all the hosting. Yes, packages are broken down into a 4 part payment plan.

Your balance is equally spread out over a 3-month auto payment plan charged on the 1st of the month. Additionally, if you need to spread payments out a bit more or prefer to pay all at once, please let me know so we can discuss. Typically, the Dynamite package is a week process. I provide a project timeline with due dates for both you and I. The due dates are a guideline; if you need a few more days to make a decision or something came up that needs to halt the project - no problem!

We complete the project at your pace, just note that the entire schedule will push back and result in a longer project timeline. Once we get started, there will be a Brand Questionnaire that I will be asking you to fill out and return to get us started.

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The questionnaire typically takes between minutes for a client to complete. It is designed for you to really start thinking about your brand and for me to have a more complete picture on your company, your style, your goals, and your passion. As we continue thru the process, you will be expected to make decisions at each phase so we can start with a general design and narrow down until we perfect your unique look.

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Website Domain Name; Squarespace offers free custom domain names with annual website purchase. You may purchase from any third-party domain name company. I will need to access your account when we launch your website. Social Media Handles; I will need to access your social media accounts in order to integrate with the website. All copy.

I will provide you with guidebooks for website copy and marketing collateral pieces.

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I provide light editing and suggestions and will work with you closely to ensure we have all the copy needed for your project. Although not required, I always welcome any ideas, designs, or input that you think represent you or your brand.

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  7. Feel free to contact me with any questions. Email templates can be updated thru the online mail program of your choice which I will provide training. Woo hoo!