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Sermons of Rev. C. H. Spurgeon of London (Memorial Library, 20 Volumes) book download

Encyclopedia of 15, Illustrations.

American Quotations. More Perfect Illustrations for Every Topic. Perfect Illustrations for Every Topic.

Barbed Arrows from the Quiver of C.H. Spurgeon Quotes

Illustrations Unlimited. The Complete Book of Zingers. Practical Illustrations: Galatians - Colossians. Practical Illustrations: Thessalonians - Philemon.

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Practical Illustrations: Peter - Jude. Practical Illustrations - Romans. Phillips' Treasury of Humorous Quotations. Wise Words and Quotes.

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Feathers For Arrows. Barbed Arrows. My Favorite Illustrations. Sermon Illustrations from the Bible. One Thousand Evangelistic Illustrations. Knight's Master Book of New Illustrations.

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Complete Gathered Gold. More Fresh Illustrations. Illustrations of Bible Truth. Two Thousand and Ten Choice Quotations.

Charles Spurgeon Sermon - Remember, God's Arrows never miss the Mark

Preaching Illustrations Vol. Draper's Book of Quotations for the Christian World. This book is broken down into the following sections: Invocations, Complete Prayers, Adoration, Thanksgiving, Confession, Supplication and Intercession. Believers in general will be enriched by this volume because, Spurgeon's prayers were full of doctrine and encouragement from Scripture.

But this book should especially appeal to the pastor whose pulpit prayers tend to become stale, repetitious, run-of-the-mill and virtually meaningless. Reading the prayers of great giants of the faith like Spurgeon aid in sharpening the prayers of those who pray publicly.

Christ's Glorious Achievements , by one of the most influential Christians of the last years, looks at what Christ has done for us. Read it and then ask yourself the question "If Christ has done all this for me, is anything I am asked to do for Christ too much in return?

Barbed Arrows from the Quiver of C.H. Spurgeon

This work consists of three volumes, the first two volumes featuring 23 lectures that focus on the different aspects of preaching a sermon, and the call to ministry. The third volume, better known as the Art of Illustration , discusses Illustrations and Anecdotes and how to weave them into a sermon. Collection of 15 addresses given by Charles Haddon Spurgeon on various occasions. Readers will enjoy his speeches as much as his sermons. There is a collection of proverbs in two volumes, entitled The Salt Cellars.

About these a friendly reviewer said: "We are more interested in Mr.

Barbed arrows from the quiver of C.H. Spurgeon - Charles Haddon Spurgeon - Google книги

Spurgeon's applications than in many of the proverbs. This little book published after Spurgeon's death, features over 60 extracts from Spurgeon's preaching from topics ranging from Active Employment to The Works of Man. A lecture on the value of preaching and preachers who did not follow the lead of the "world". This is an example of one of Spurgeon's greatest attributes - his ability to praise and revere someone for their contribution to God's Kingdom, although, he might highly disagree with them personally.

Messages of Hope and Faith includes twenty-six sermons, preached by C. These messages will provide comfort for the afflicted, instruction for the seeker, and help for all who are striving for godliness. Messages to the Multitude is a collection of sermons chosen by Charles Haddon Spurgeon which he felt was representative of his earthly ministry. Published as part of the Preachers of Age series, one month before Spurgeon's death. Spurgeon basically used something as simple as a candle to illustrate how easy it was to take any object and use it share God's word. Spurgeon's Sermons from the Metropolitan Tabernacle Pulpit.

Spurgeon's Silver Wedding Testimonial Services. This little book gives short, helpful notes based on stones—stones in Bible history, stones in English history, precious stones, stepping stones, the whetstone, the school slate, stumbling blocks, tombstones, etc. Interesting reading and helpful for sermon illustrations.

A Puritan Catechism with Scripture Proofs.