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Scottsboro, Alabama

The case became a cause celebre that shocked America, reawakened the struggle for racial equality, and led finally to two landmark Supreme Court decisions. In this powerful retelling of the Scottsboro case, James Goodman, an assistant professor of history at Harvard, sets out to answer the question "what happened? Goodman shows how people were able to present their stories of Scottsboro as the true "Story of Scottsboro," discounting other accounts in the process. Using trial transcripts, countless newspaper and magazine articles and editorials, reports of private investigators, diaries, memories, oral histories, and autobiographies, Stories of Scottsboro is an engrossing exploration of the way in which history takes shape in people's minds through the stories they choose to relate.

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Add a tag. Public Private login e. Add a tag Cancel B. Lists What are lists? Login to add to list. The case lasted approximately six years due to campaigns that claimed it dealt with racism and began to demand their right to a fair trial. Both stories uprise in the s, displaying a white supremacist mindset, which two cases fall into the conviction of rape.

The Scottsboro Trial and the trial of Tom Robinson are almost identical in the forms of bias shown and the accusers that were persecuted. The bias is obvious and is shown throughout both cases, which took place in the same time period. Common parallels are seen through the time period that both trials have taken place in and those who were persecuted and why they were persecuted in the first place. The thought of "All blacks were liars, and all blacks are wrongdoers," was a major part of all of these. The historical Scottsboro Trial and the fictional trial of Tom Robinson in the book To Kill a Mockingbird have striking similarities that may or may not be coincidence.

Both trials took place in Alabama during the same era of relentless prejudice and bias, which is a major factor in each of these cases. The Scottsboro Trial and the Tom Robinson Trial are almost identical in the forms of racism and prejudice shown and the the actual trial and the trials outcome.

The racism and prejudice is clear and is a key factor throughout both cases, which took place in the same time period. Both trials are very common when it came to the time period, the time the trials have taken place in, those who were persecuted and lastly, why they were persecuted in the first place.

The boys spent years on trial for this. The first trial was thought to have been the final convention, little did they know it was only the beginning. A second trial was held for the nine boys that shook the entire nation. After the second trial a third one was held after the judge suspected that the evidence was not properly examined. Along with accusations made by Victoria Price and Ruby Bates that the boys raped them. Their trial begins April 6, All of the boys except for Roy Wright are tired.

A fair trial would be unlikely during this time period between a white and a black man. Tom Robinson was presumed guilty because of his race. The trial of these boys had become collectively known as the Scottsboro case. In this story a young male Tom Robinson is charged with raping a white female. Due to this prejudice, a fair trial would be unlikely between a white and a black man.

In the novel, Tom Robinson was presumed guilty because of his race and did not receive a fair trial because the jury had formed adverse opinions of him prior to the presentation of any evidence. The Scottsboro boys were defending themselves and they kicked the white group off in Jackson County. Then, two women who were on the train were trying to avoid arrest therefore falsely accused the nine black youths who range from the age of thirteen to nineteen years old of raping them.

The Scottsboro boys were then arrested with assault and rape charges added against all nine. To this day, it is impossible to determine if jurors present an unbiased trial for defendants regardless of their racial background. Mockingbird Trial As To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee indicated, the legal system in courtrooms was largely affected by the pervasive.

The defendant, Tom Robinson, was sentenced according to the testimonies of the plaintiffs, Mayella Ewell and her father, Bob Ewell. Most of human race can agree, living in , that many things have come a long way from where it started especially in the field of forensic. Alabama during the s, where African Americans were segregated by white men.


Harper Lee said that the Scottsboro trial, which was a trial that started because of discrimination, inspired her on writing To Kill a Mockingbird. Despite the differences between the Scottsboro Boys and To Kill a Mockingbird, both of them had an impact on the racial implications and laws of the south. The Scottsboro Trials was a sad tragedy that took place in Alabama during the s.

While nine black youth, ages from Furthermore, they cannot access justice as observed in the infamous Scottsboro Trials were 9 Boys were convicted of rape. In court, not only the standard of proof has not been met, there a reasonable doubt and but the defense has compiled overwhelming evidence that showed no such event occurred. Only in 19th April, Alabama Governor Robert Bentley officially pardoned and exonerated all nine Scottsboro Boys that were dead at the time. The justice system that denoted the term democracy. Depicting the events in the story of the Scottsboro case in American history is no exception, as the sensitive issues of injustice and racial discrimination, have been exposed not only in various.

The Scottsboro case and the case in the novel are similar in many ways, especially in that they ruined the lives of blacks over false accusations.

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An event that was very much similar in nature to the novel was the Scottsboro trials. The Scottsboro trials involved nine young black males who were charged with the rape of two white females on a train. The black boys on the train. There is proof of this in the time period in which it occurred as well as evidence from the novel itself.

The trial is notoriously known as The Scottsboro Boys Trial. On March 25, , nine African Americans were riding a cargo train with a number of white males and. Throughout the 20th and 21st century race relations have been a substantial issue.

Stories of Scottsboro: Vintage Books Edition : James E Goodman :

Some issues have went through trial, and others have not. Even today in society, race related matters are still continuing. One is being targeted for the color of their skin, the traditional clothes they wear, and the principals they believe in. Many trials have been brought to court but there are an abundance of other situations that have not been brought to the eyes of others. To Kill A Mockingbird takes place in.

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Both cases, fiction and reality, show how the process within the court system is truly imperfect. The push of Jim Crow Laws during the s gave people a deep seeded hatred towards African Americans. Many were wrongly convicted due to either the color of their skin or their social. The court held that it was the obligation of the trial court whether it had been requested or not, to undertake the assignment of counsel as a critical pre-condition to the fulfillment of due process of law Calhoun, The court noted that the assignment of counsel to the defendants was not to undertaken in a manner that would create difficulties in the effective assistance to the defendants in the preparation and trial of their cases.

Who are the parties? The parties in the case. Nine black teenage boys were accused of raping two white girls during their time on the train, looking for work. The white men of the area were waiting for the boys upon their arrival.


The case quickly went to trial, two homeless white girls word against nine young black boys. The Scottsboro boys were very quickly proven guilty during the first trial, and then entered a very long period of trials to come that would determine their. This argument is one of many and goes to show that Kander and Ebb took many risks in using the minstrel show to tell the story of the Scottsboro Boys. Other sources argue that the humor and stereotypes of the minstrel show perpetuate.

Stories of Scottsboro. By James E. New York: Vintage Books. The United States is the land of the free and the home of the brave; however, for the African-American citizens of the United States, from the inception of this country to midway through the twentieth century, there. When you delve a little deeper, these two stories, fiction and nonfiction, are greatly intertwined.

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For example, one similarity was the setting of the two events. Harper Lee is a highly respected character. She is able to show the effects and ugly side of racism in To Kill a Mockingbird.