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It also includes upright meanings for each card.

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This is a great resource. Nov 13, Flying Off The Shelves rated it liked it. Mary Greer did a good job with this book. I like how she covered this topic because most of the time tarot reversals are like the ugly stepchild, no one wants to say anything about them. When reading this book I noticed I got the most out of the first couple of chapters than the rest of the book.

I think this is mainly because of my approach to tarot and my experience. I believe that you can refer to books but it is your job to make the final verdict and if that is really what the cards are Mary Greer did a good job with this book. I believe that you can refer to books but it is your job to make the final verdict and if that is really what the cards are saying.

What is good about this book is that Mary Greer really broke down many of the most popular ways to read reversals. Her list seems to be a nice clear list that a reader will have no problem understanding. However, this is still not really what I took away from this book no matter how interesting this may be. What I took away from this is two things. One being the following quote: "The Hanged Man epitomizes the nature of reversed cards. As Mary writes, this card is about "total surrender to an opposing point of view, reversing your consciousness, and imagining differently.

Actor Robin Williams plays a teacher who urges his students to stand on their desks, simply to see the room from a different point of view. That's what reversals can do. Sometimes that's what we need.

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I think Barbara Moore must be on my wavelength because I have used this example to explain the Hanged Man many, many times so its nice to see it in a book. The second being the ideas behind illness, reversals, and remedies.

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This makes sense because reversals suggest that an adjustment needs to be made, and stress is the body's response to adjustment and change For many readers be they beginners or experienced sometimes having negative news is really hard but the ability to change the wording and turn it into a positive thing is great. I know that when I do readings many of my clients gasp when they see a reversal and the obvious major arcana cards maybe this will help in a way that requires less explanation and more thorough understanding.

In this way Mary Greer did a great job on this book but, it is more for beginners once you get passed the two sections I mentioned. So if you are first coming to tarot and have made the time and figured out the upright meanings but have great difficulty with reversals this book is for you! Beginners remember all the books in the world can not tell you everything about Tarot it is a life long study with much introspection. This book I say deserves at three.

A relatively decent book for the experienced and a good book for beginners. Nov 30, Leigh Anne rated it really liked it. The first lady of Tarot tackles advanced technique. Interpreting reversed cards in a Tarot layout is tricky, and many people aren't quite sure what to do with them. If you're ready to move beyond think of reversals as "bad" cards, you'll appreciate Greer's in-depth study of how to travel in the upside-down, which can actually be a pretty cool place if you're open to the experience. After discussing several options for generating reversed cards and considering the various interpretive lenses a The first lady of Tarot tackles advanced technique.

After discussing several options for generating reversed cards and considering the various interpretive lenses a reader can use to work with them, Greer jumps into the cards themselves. There's an entire chapter dedicated to various spreads, including the Hanged Man, or Ecstasy, spread, which is based on the concept that "every adversity is an opportunity for wisdom and understanding" An extended sample reading follows, in which Greer lays out the cards for one of her clients and walks the reader through the spread itself, as well as how she worked with the client to discern which of the many possible card interpretations were most helpful in addressing her question.

As if all of that weren't enough, each chapter is footnoted, and there are multiple appendices that cover various types of keywords, the elemental dignities for those who choose to use them , and The Heroine's Journey, a framework in which the Major Arcana reversed tell a tale parallel to, but different from, the archetypal hero's journey.

A detailed bibliography closes out what is almost an overwhelming, but joyfully so, trip through this particular area of study. This isn't for everybody, so smaller collections may want to take a pass unless there is significant community interest in Tarot. If you're serious about being a reader, you'll want this in your own collection, but be warned: while it's definitely readable, it's still a very deep book, and you'll need to work with it a lot to get the most from it.

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Recommended for large collections and where demand warrants. Feb 22, Joshua rated it it was amazing Shelves: spirituality , nonfiction-faves. Mary K.

Greer is indeed my favorite tarot author. She's a pleasure to read and so full of knowledge and know-how. I haven't read this book from cover to cover, as it is more a reference work. That being said, I've been using this book as a reference since and must say it is my go-to when struggling with a card interpretation, even when reading upright cards she includes briefer interpretations for those as well.

I enjoy how she breaks down the reversed meanings so you can apply them to a Mary K. I enjoy how she breaks down the reversed meanings so you can apply them to a variety of different contexts to fit the type of reading or question you are doing. For example: work, relationships, and even magical associations. She does a good job also breaking down the symbolism of the Rider-Waite tarot deck.

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  8. This book has been my favorite tarot reference book for years and will continue to be. I have always used reversed cards in my readings, even though they are challenging.

    ISBN 13: 9781445520681

    This book has changed my reading style and practice for the better and I still reference her interpretations from time-t0-time, when I'm feeling stuck or in need of further insight, whether reading for myself or others. Also, I must add that her interpretations are useful for any deck based even loosely off of the Rider-Waite, not solely the Rider-Waite itself.

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    Highly recommended for any reader who struggles with reversed cards, is looking to add reversed interpretations to their tarot practice, or anyone looking to gleen deeper meaning from the cards, whether upright or reversed. Mar 30, Marcello Tarot rated it it was amazing Shelves: tarot. Nonostante il titolo, questo libro non riguarda solo le carte rovesciate, anzi!

    Jun 09, Jean-Pierre Vidrine rated it really liked it. For the most part, this book is a pretty standard guide to Tarot cards and their meanings. Though, true to its title, it does elaborate on interpreting reversed cards far more than most books.

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    The later chapters on card spreads are what really make this book stand out. The author offers up some insights on different and creative ways to read cards that are eye-opening even for a well-practiced card reader like myself. The chapter on the Heroine's Journey is also fascinating. Aug 02, Jan rated it really liked it Shelves: metaphysical , tarot , want-to-own-this-book , psychic-arts , psychic-development. Hello Tarot Enthusiasts.

    Greer is also the author of several of my personal library keepers: Tarot for Yourself; Tarot Constellations; and this gem. Mar 01, Rusty rated it it was amazing Shelves: magical-books-i-ve-read. Very interesting book.

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    Useful, if you use Tarot Cards. May 06, Anita rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: any person interested in tarot. I use this book in my classes! Very informative, clear and useful. Oct 25, Alia Makki rated it liked it. For the fates move in the ways they see fit and all in good times come. Jan 11, Daniela rated it it was amazing Shelves: tarot. Nicely layed out. Must get a copy for my shelf. Dec 29, Luna rated it it was amazing. I frickin LOVE this book I use it often Aug 04, Marie rated it really liked it. One of the better tarot reference books I have found.

    I really like this one! Feb 16, SmarterLilac rated it it was amazing.