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Writer, Jason Aaron is doing Thor right.

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No matter who wields the hammer; the best thundergod stories have always balanced larger than life fantasy with the dichotomy of the mundane. Jane knows every time she leaps into battle she brings her self that much closer to the grave and her struggle with this is the heart of the series. One that Aaron scripts masterfully with drama, humor, and action. Odinson will be Thor again one day when a movie really needs it. Jane Foster as Thor has been one tremendous story that ranks among the best in comics.

The Mighty Thor 1 should not be missed.

How to Draw THOR (Avengers: Endgame) - Narrated Easy Step-by-Step Tutorial

Come on, ne honest with yourself. After that, the human alias of Thor changed a couple of times Masterson, Olsen but Thor was always the same. So it three times in 53 years over and over and over? Last time was when?

Thor by Esad Ribic | Superior Comic Art | Marvel comics, Marvel comics art, Marvel characters

They are both still Thors. Jane got the hammer but Odison is still a superstrong guy running around being a hero. Aaron is hands-down one of my favorite writers right now. Vader Down sees the Sith Lord continue his search for Luke Skywalker on Vrogas Vas, taking out entire space squadrons on his dreaded way. And why is everyone afraid of him?

And dead men. The writing and artwork has just been spectacular, but I think that is what happens when you are working on something that everyone loves and reveres. Jason Aaron Vader Down , up above throws us right into the story, not stopping for any filler, but just reintroducing us to Jane Foster as the Mighty Thor, more the worse for wear this time out.

The art is workman-like, neither standing out nor distracting, merely there to tell the story and not embellish.

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In, out, and moving on. This title is much the same: throwing us straight into the plot with minimal exposition which is great, since I am far behind my modern Thor lore. But this is an interesting first issue, has a lot to offer although, again, the art is nothing spectacular or unique , and a bit light and short, surprisingly. It is time to break out the old Scottish mythology books because Red Thorn 1 will most likely have more allusions and symbols like the one spoken by what looks like a chained up hot, nude ginger tattooed god.

The beautiful protagonist Isla is on a quest to find answers about the sister that she never met. However, on this journey, she will most likely learn more about her ability to make her art come to life and even control people through her sketches.

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This ability seems like a gift. No matter how hard she tries to abstain from drawing, she finds herself drawing the same unknown man.

This impulse she discovers is ancient and in her blood. The first issue of any comic series can be difficult, but Baillle seamlessly frames the story to give readers a clear exposition and gives an intriguing background of the main character that makes readers beg for more. Hopeless Avengers Arena takes this opportunity to shake up the status quo and make our heroine eight months pregnant.

This by no means takes Jessica Drew out of the action, maternity leave notwithstanding. Hopeless does a terrific job setting everything up and walking the line between the fantastic and the mundane, but his art team does a whole lot of heavy lifting. But here we are: Another reboot. Another repeat. Another replay… Another fucking yawneth, on the horizon…… And then again…perhaps not??

What slay you??? Now…let us breaketh down the Round Table here, shall we?

Thor: God of Thunder (Marvel Comics)

Yet unbeknownst to us mere mortals, is how our righteous hero, Dane Whitman, once again inheriting the familial mantle of the Black Knight , has come to inhabit the enigmatic realm of Weirdworld. Although this is Black Knight III, our aforementioned Marvelers have given us an exalted environ within which to retell a tale that portends of sordid subversion.

The underpinnings of this particular sphere of Weirdxistence seems most sinister, in every iota of its manifestations; and all may well be damned, no matter where their blades may fall…. Despite this Third Battleworld rehash, this latest incarnation of Black Knight may yet yield an insidiously enticing parlay of epic proportion… What say ye, to a Blood Curse that may turn the tide of this goodhearted hero, into one of unbridled blackness??? Can a cavalcade of Uncanny Crusaders wreak vengeance upon a conflicted cavalier, whose own morality may be at risk of melting into the primordial ooze, of this wickedly weird, weird, weird, Weirdworld???

I really just have one word for Huck…adorable! This is the story of a man who was left at an orphanage as a boy who now lives everyday by doing one good deed. He has a secret, though. He has super strength and never tires out.

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  7. He especially pays great detail to facial expressions, since a lot of the story is told without dialogue. Huck 1 was also a very quick read, but still fun to flip through. All in all, I would say this was a great set up for what seems to be a heartbreaking tale of betrayal, with a quasi-superhero twist. Following in the foot-steps of the Spider-Verse and Secret Wars comics, Web Warriors 1 provides a proper follow-up to the story of the many Spideys and their universes. The Web Warriors as they decided to be called is a group consisting of many Spider-people from the various universes, coming together to monitor and protect the ones that no longer have a Spider-presence, some of which are a result from the Secret Wars.

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    Written by Mika Costa G. Joe: Cobra with art by David Baldeon Nova , X-Men: Legacy , the story has a bit of humor mixed in with the main storyline to remind you that while these Spider-folk are here to protect and help, they also find the different universes to be a bit strange and yet oddly familiar. Reading the previous Spider-Verse issues and the Secret Wars series would give a better understanding of the background, but Web Warriors was written so its not necessary, and anyone could jump right in on the first issue.

    Sensational She-Hulk By John Byrne Omnibus

    Costa even put in a few little notes pointing to previous issues, and a page giving a brief background on each of the members of the team. As a bonus, the last few pages of the comic gives yet another variation on Spider-Man, but not one that is part of the Web Warriors… yet. Hopefully we will see more of this very interesting and excellent take on the character. The platform for a review is to make a sort of a general determination whether or not a particular comic is worth your time.