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Just hurry up, yes? Ah, there was the guy with the mobile phone. A smart, twentyish snot with ducktail and golden chain, pale leggings without proper content, and a leather jacket on top. He probably considered himself cool. How much time did I have left, what did I have to expect, what should I do? There were surely a few minutes left, as the Cartel couldn't have anyone ready so close by--and if so, they'd be Tom, Dick, and Harry and not specialists.

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Geschrieben 28 November - Valerie J. Kann man so was verlinken?

Nur versteckt. Don't try to cheat a woman who doesn't play by the rules. She knew it would be no vacation-but what she encounters there is worse than her wildest imagination. So she should be open to an offer, shouldn't she?


But what if her allies play a wicked game with her? However, as I was in no mood for catching a direct hit, I doubled over a few times on my approach. Nevertheless, some of the sun-hot projectiles came uncomfortably close. I initiated a sideways move, thereby dodging two more plasma shots, instead collected a badly aimed machine pistol salvo—ouch, that knocked! An opportunity to get my bearings—here, before the house, I had to deal with ten persons from two vans, two of them armed with plasma rifles, four with machine pistols, four with normal pistols. That was good, as they had better keep their heads down.

For this kind of game, I was better equipped.

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A giant leap carried me between the attackers. So I extended my claws. A few seconds later, ten men were lying in their own blood. What now?

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Big, scorched holes demonstrated that you should respect plasma rifles. Their murderer was already on his way inside, past the restrooms. I jumped into his neck. My sharp claws severed his cervical bones and demonstrated that you should respect Velvet. His two conventionally-armed partners shared his fate. Only then did I listen again.

No more shots.

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Moreover, a little gambling should improve her funding. Even less had she expected the appearance of a new special unit of organized crime that quite soon could become a threat to her plans. Now he flinched, thereby lost the support of the tree he had been leaning on, and stumbled two steps to the side with little elegance before he regained his balance. Dimitri hurried after me, caught up with me after a few steps, and firmly grabbed my arm. He stared at me angrily, tried to grab me once more, but I backed off swiftly. Looking, not touching, clear?

Two times more I dodged his attempts, then he reached under his jacket with one hand. Gravel sprayed away under my flat soles, behind me another curse sounded, and then I heard his steps quickly following me. Such a Catch me if you can could be funny, only he had a gun and little reservations about using it. Behind me, it barked once, twice, and the hot lead chirped close past me.

I doubled over into the bushes, crossed over the fence with its rusty iron thorns and dashed across the street. Dimitri served another shot after me, and then he had to climb. To not shake him off right away, I feigned short breath. Soon he was after me, shot again, and I saved myself with a jump behind a corner.

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He shot again—the bang was reflected by the buildings and rang far over the yachts of the rich and beautiful. This surely was the last sound desired to be heard here. So they tried to cut off my way. That had an advantage, too—Dimitri no longer shot, at least not currently, in order not to hit his guards.

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I pretended to not have noticed the three yet, as only this way was it plausible to continue running their way, and made a terrified face only at the last moment. The only way out now led over the extended stairs of a neighboring yacht, and I took this way without hesitation. Only a heavy caliber could cause such damage, and such a caliber would hurt me despite my armor, I computed, so it was better to avoid any hit.

While the next shots rang, this time from several guns, I jumped into the water. Then, one of the bullets painfully grazed my heel. Geschrieben 10 April - Valerie J.

Worse, how can she protect innocents from being hurt as collateral damage? Excerpt It was nice to lean into a strong man and not have to worry about anything. My ambitious plans could wait. Scrubby disappeared behind a hummock toward the river with bobbing tail. What was wrong about it? The evening before I had casually jumped into the water to get our dinner.

The omnipresent warnings were no empty threat—while I had been submerged, I had felt the vibrations of a large animal upriver, exactly in the direction Scrubby was running to now. Scrubby stood at the bank drinking, his forepaws in the water. The dog had no chance, but neither did the saltwater crocodile.

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I was faster than both. The log put the primeval creature off further pursuit. With threateningly opened jaw, it simply stayed lying there. Only now did Scrubby overcome his terror and start barking. His master barely reached the hummock, spotted the scaly monster and froze. She brings light into darkness—with her fists, if necessary. Sadly, her plan works too well.